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What Does SMH Mean in Texting/ Instagram/ Snapchat



What Does SMH Mean? Well, every user first makes an attempt to learn what does SMH stands for? Let me tell you, it is abbreviated as “shaking my head”. It is considered as an internet acronym mainly used in terms of text messaging and social media posts like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter respectively. Although shaking my head has taken for granted, but the original meaning of it is so much hate.

What is SMH used for? This is generally used by all the young adults who love to type on social networking sites. One can express their feeling in terms of SMH either in disappointment/ disagreement/ disbelief accordingly. In simple terms, SMH should be used as per the situation taking place.

smh mean

Moreover, there are no restrictions to use the current acronym. That means either they were uppercase letters/ lowercase letters or any, does not matter!!!!! The only thing one has to keep in mind is this acronym is considered as one of the expressive reactions. It is very much easy and faster to communicate enough with all the co-friends successfully.

What Does SMH Mean?

Well, as we discussed, this statement is majorly used as one of the expressions to tell the other person’s thoughts in terms of a word.

smh stands for

Here, let us try to analyze what is smh and how it is exactly used in various social networking sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others very well.

Literature Survey

SMH is usually considered as a nonverbal statement that expresses the feeling of the respective user. It was introduced in the year 2004 and became familiar in the year of 2007 respectively. In the year 2010, publications like Vice and Bustle dedicated their respective articles, especially for the readers.

Today if you see SMH means what website has been taken place in the year 2015. In these, SMH has undergone either texting or in the form of GIFs respectively.

Who Uses SMH

SMH is applicable in the form of digital communication, especially for the users involved in the black internet communities. It is incorporated Grammarly appeared in the form of text. This is mainly used to express the opposed person’s feelings especially when they are in a disappointed mood.


As discussed, GIF’s shaking my heads can be sent through the text message or also can be attached to express the absolute reaction successfully. Hashtags such as #smh, #smdh are very much popular to tag on the respective social media.


Moreover, smdh (shaking my damn head), smfh(shaking my fucking head), and smmfh(shaking my motherfucking head) were also introduced accordingly. Keeping all these, the original meaning stands out.

Define SMH Mean in Texting

What does smh mean? It is generally used in email communication and also on all social networking sites. In general, when you type out a certain message, the receiver has to wait in order to read or can read instantly. However, these days, the Neilsen mobile has found an average mobile user who has the capability of sending or receiving 1.5 times as many calls or messages. This is none other than stated at

Usually, it is an agreement or confusion when you consider in terms of texting. It has come with tons of emojis, acronyms, abbreviations, and various other forms that help to produce strong communication between the interacting persons on phone without any fail. Remember the only one thing, once the message has been sent cannot be retrieved irrespective of time.

what does smh mean in texting

Keeping this aside, scratching my head is also can be taken into consideration especially when the sender is in a confused state. But this one is less universal comparatively!!! As such can be known as a new type of coded language. All the written words and verbal skills will remain the same even though texting turns into the primary form of communication.

Today, if you see, various people starting from the age of childhood to old age people are greatly involved in terms of texting. This majorly involves strong communication among various individuals. All this involves an open line of communication to be used accordingly.

What Does SMH Mean on Instagram?

SMH is considered as an online acronym that supports to tweet the text on various social networking sites like Instagram very well. Also, one can use these text messages to express their feelings in the form of the same physical body language in SMH which makes no sense rather than doing it all. The feeling is none other than considered as a disappointment/ disagreement/ disbelief respectively.

what does smh stand for


As a result, it has become the most popular and is used with no limit of characters. This is all same and applicable even for the query of what does SMH means on Snapchat. Therefore, try out as there are few examples stated below. Let us start analyzing them one by one and use them on the basis of the situation.

Examples for SMH

Here we go with a few examples that really express SMH either through texting/ any so that you get some idea related to SMH and try them out in your sentences accordingly.

what does smh stand for

  • When the bus is late an infinite number of times.
  • Media Coverage is totally ridiculous.
  • When your friends do certain dumb things.
  • Expressing your feeling with all stupidity.
  • When there are a lot of delays taking place on this train.

What Does SMH Mean in Snapchat

On a website like Snapchat, many of the users use this smh to text with their friends and we call it Shake My Head/Hands. So this text is generally used to make friends or to make new persons annoy us by using different means. Usually, SH is the translated version and with this maybe you have got what does smh means on Snapchat.

smh mean on snapchat


I hope the points we explained till now are very much clear. Try to use SMH for expressing your feeling in terms of words. For more doubts or like to know more information, drop down in the following comment section. If you like the article, share it with friends and also on social networking sites. Stay back with Tech 170 for more interesting tutorials.

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