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How To Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote? {Best Methods}



If you are looking for an answer for how to reset Amazon Fire Stick without remote, then this post is specially written for you. Factory reset for Amazon Fire Stick is possible for both with and without a remote.

Amazon Fire Stick is a one-stop destination for watching all your favorite shows and movies in one place. It lets you stream so many applications, may it be video streaming services or audio streaming services. But, the issue now is like many other streaming services, the Fire TV Stick also shows issues sometimes.

Reset Amazon firestick without remote

It can be any malware issue, or bugs, or any virus attached file, or any other issue that gives a blank screen or just doesn’t let you watch any video. In such cases, a quick factory reset can fix all the problems that are residing in your Fire Stick settings.

How To Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote

Well, generally everyone uses a remote for operating Fire Stick. There are many easy methods for performing a factory reset with a remote. But, what if you forgot to buy a Fire TV Stick remote, or your remote is damaged and yet to repair, or you lost it somewhere in the home and can’t find it.

There is a solution to it. It is not compulsory always to operate your Fire Stick with its remote only. Even if you don’t have a Fire Stick remote, you can still reset with the methods given below.

Reset Fire Stick Using Fire TV App

Here is how to reset Amazon Fire Stick without a remote. This method is the best and easiest for doing a factory reset. Read further to know the complete process.

First of all, you must download the Fire TV app on your device to factory reset Fire Stick without a remote. This app is supported for both Android and iOS smartphones. If you use an Android mobile, just go to Play Store and install the “Fire TV” app. And, if you are using an iPhone, then you can download and install the app from the App Store.

reset fire stick without remote

  • First of all, make sure that your TV and mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-fi network.
  • Now, open the app and you will see your TV option. Tap on it.
  • You will get a four-digit pin on your TV. Enter the pin in your app.
  • You will be successfully connected to your Fire TV Stick.
  • Now, using your phone as a remote, go to Settings.
  • Select the “System” option and click on “Reset to Factory Default”.

That’s it. This is how to reset Amazon Fire Stick without remote.

Factory Reset Fire Stick Without Pin

factory reset firestick without pin

There have been many changes done to our technology and it is improving day by day. Now, thanks to the HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) technology, one can use their TV remote control to use the Fire Stick.

It will not be required to have your Fire TV Stick remote to do a factory reset on your TV. Just go to your TV Settings and perform a factory reset with your TV’s remote. This is how to reset Amazon Fire Stick without a remote easily.

Reset Fire Stick Without Remote and Wi-fi

In case if your TV doesn’t support CEC technology, so the TV remote is not working. Also, you can’t connect your phone app and the TV to the same network, hence can’t reset with the help of the Fire TV app. What now?

Well, there is still a workaround that you can use. Even if the above two methods didn’t work out, you can trust and rely on this method. This method is all about fooling your Amazon Fire Stick that you are still on the old Wi-fi network.

For doing so, you must change your router’s name and password to the older network that your Fire Stick was connected to. If this can’t be applied, you have to create a mobile hotspot connection with the same name and password that your Fire Stick was connected to earlier.

Now, your Fire Stick and the phone will be connected to the same network. Then, you can easily use the Fire TV app to reset the Amazon Fire Stick.

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How To Reset Amazon Fire Stick With Remote

The best method to reset Amazon Fire Stick is using its remote. It will save you all the trouble and effort you have to do to factory reset Amazon Fire Stick without Pin and without a remote.

Just follow the simple steps given below to reset Amazon Fire Stick in case if you are having a remote with you.

  • Turn on your TV and connect your Fire Stick to it.

factory reset fire stick without remote

  • Now, click on the Profile and go to the “Settings” option.
  • Scroll right using navigation buttons and click on “My Fire TV”.

how to reset amazon fire stick without remote process

  • Next, under My Fire TV, click on the “Reset to Factory Defaults”.

reset fire tv

  • A confirmation message will be asked. Click on “Reset”.
  • And it’s done.

This is how to reset Amazon Fire Stick with a remote on your TV. If you don’t have a remote, then you can use the above methods. But, they are a little lengthy and also doesn’t give 100% results. So, it would be better if you just go and buy a new remote for your Fire Stick.


That was all about how to reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote. Follow the methods that we have given in this post to reset easily without the Fire Stick remote. You must ensure that the mobile and the Fire Stick are connected to the same internet connection. If you are unable to connect to the same network, just change the name and password to the older router’s. For more related articles, visit our website Tech 170.

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