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How to Remove Hardcoded/Soft Subtitles from MP4, MKV, AVI



How to remove subtitles from video files? This is one of the most asked questions that we have got. Many users are now annoyed with the subtitles that keep getting on their screen and don’t let them enjoy the video clearly.

In most video players, subtitles are set by default. So, even if you won’t turn them on, they keep giving all the subtitles for even those videos that you are clearly able to understand. No worries, you can easily disable the subtitles with some settings changes.

how to remove subtitles from video

Here in this post, we will show you how to remove subtitles from video files. We are going to explain how to remove in-built subtitles for hardcoded captions. Just follow the methods that we are going to list here. We make sure to explain in an easy way so that it is easy to follow.

How To Remove Subtitles From Video

Hardcoded subtitles or captions are those that the user can’t turn off easily or are not easy to disable. But, it is not impossible though. You can disable them with a little effort. For that, follow the methods that we are going to explain here.

How To Remove Hardcoded Subtitles From MKV Video Files

MKV video files are hard to operate when you want to remove subtitles from MKV video files. Most methods ask you to crop the file or convert it into other formats for removing the hardcoded subtitles from MKV video files.

But, there are some third-party applications that can be used to remove hardcoded caption from the MKV video files. We recommend using MKVToolNix software for this purpose. This app is very handy and easy to use and can remove the hardcoded subtitles from any MKV videos without converting it or cropping it.

To know how to remove subtitles from videos of MKV format, follow the simple steps given below.

  • First of all, on your computer, open the browser.
  • Now, go to
  • Download the MKVToolNix application and install it on your device.
  • Once the app is successfully installed, open it.

how to remove inbuilt subtitles

  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the “+Add source files” button.
  • You will be prompted to the “Add media files” window.
  • Here, go to the .mkv video file that you want to remove subtitles.

remove hardcoded subtitles

  • Click on the file, and select the “Open” button.
  • Then, in the “Tracks, chapters and tags:” section, uncheck the subtitle options.

remove subtitles from video

  • Uncheck all the boxes saying SubRip/SRT.
  • Select the “Destination file location” i.e, wherever you want to save the renewed file.

how to remove subtitles from video files

  • Then, click on the “Start multiplexing” button at the bottom.

remove subtitles from videos

Your MKV video file will be saved in the destination where you selected with removed hardcoded subtitles. Just go to the location and open your video file. This method is very easy and is also for sure working.

Note: You can’t use the MKVToolNix software for cropping a video file or to convert it to other file formats. It just removes the subtitles from the MKV video files and saves the new file in the given location.

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How To Remove Subtitles From Videos On VLC

VLC users have quite often noticed that the videos they watch on VLC are by default giving subtitles. Here, we will show you how to remove in-built subtitles on VLC. Follow the steps given here to disable the subtitle option.

  • Open any video on VLC, make a right-click on the video.
  • Go to the “Video” option and select “Subtitles Track”.

how to remove subtitles from video on vlc

  • Now, click on “Disable” if you want to remove the subtitles.
  • If you want to change the subtitle to any other language, just click on your preferred language.

This method doesn’t work if you haven’t enabled the Sub-pictures option on your computer. In that case, you can use the below method. Just follow the simple steps given here.

  • Head to the VLC preferences, scroll down and click on the “All” button.

remove subtitles from vlc

  • Now, select the “Video” option and click on the “Subtitles/OSD” option.

disable subtitles from vlc

  • Under Subtitles, uncheck the box for the “Autodetect subtitle files” option.
  • Then, under On Screen Display, enable the options “Enable sub-pictures” and “On Screen Display”.
  • Save your changes and then play your video.


That was all about how to remove subtitles from video files. We have given the methods to remove hardcoded subtitles from VLC as well as MKV video files. If you have any doubts regarding this post, please feel free to ask us in the comments section. For more related articles, visit our website Tech 170. Stay tuned & enjoy the step by step guides.

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