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Quicken Alternatives: Best Alternatives to Quicken Software



Are you looking for the Best Finance Software just like Quicken? Then you are in the right place. Here I am going to give you the top 5 Quicken alternatives for the best and most useful alternatives for your day-to-day finance work on your Desktop. Till now the best finance software is intuited, which we can say as the standard one. Also, quicken and Quickbooks are also the best finance software for your desktop.

They will keep track of your accounts and financial things in this single app. Now, you need not waste your time writing written updates of your ledger or create your balance sheet, etc. You can all do it in less time using this Quicken. The following are the best Quicken alternatives in which you can get all your work done without any stress.

Best Quicken Alternatives 2021

Read the following given alternatives and get to know what is the best among the given list of free quicken alternatives. You can also know about each & every alternative and then you can install your favorite app and then tell your opinion on it using the comment section of our website.

Best Quicken Alternatives

Some of the music lovers found that the quicken will recently give updates to the app and we have to upgrade the app. We will get excited that what update is given. But, when you install the new version, you can see slight visual changes and images and get disappointed. So, we feel that these updates are meaningless and not worth the time.


Many people think that the alternatives to Quicken are the best solution for this. Here I am going to give you the best alternatives below. Check out these quicken like programs and information about them and share your views with me.

JGnash Personal Finance

It is an open-source personal finance account manager that has similar features like quicken. We can meet and any operating system which runs on the Java 7 runtime environment.


So we can say this is the best alternative for this Quicken Finance manager app. You can check the software by downloading it to your desktop or computer. Once downloaded, open the software and start using it. You can see the same features that quicken has and also some new features which you can enjoy using.


Coming from GNU GPL open source license is the best replacement for quicken, it was named the GnuCash which is a useful alternative for personal finance management. It has several features in the app like Double-entry, Reports, Graphs, Bar charts, etc. If your bank supports, then you can also link up your bank account and thereby download the transactions.


This GnuCash supports QIF files, which means quick books. So, if your bank connects to QuickBooks, then you can easily connect to GnuCash.


Acemoney will be similar to apps like Quicken and Microsoft Money. But, the only difference is this Acemoney is not open-source, you have to pay $40 to access the app. When you take the paid version then you can get unlimited access to accounts.


But you want for free, this app is available in a lite version for free which will allow you to get only two accounts tracked. But it is the best app and the money worth it.


Although there are many numbers of apps, this Mint from the house of “Intuit” is also one of the best Quicken alternatives through which we can do all our financial work. The important thing about this app is that it is available Online.


This will automatically download and categorizes the transactions from the Bank account and that too this app is available for free. So if you’re ok with the financial information stored on the remote server or the internet, then you can definitely choose this as a Quicken replacement.

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Money Dance

It is not for free, but it is the best free quicken alternative in which we can do all the work and the app is similar to the other above given apps. But this will contains all the features which are popular for mac devices.


It also has a Windows and Linux version so you can use this on any platform. There is an option to sync your mobile device with it for free. Just check the software and use it for free. You can come to know many features to use.


The Moneyspire offers greater support for the different platforms likewise Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can also do create a budget and download all the transactions from the respective bank. Moreover, the Moneyspire is available for free to try. This mobile version is available for the iOS operating system only, with no access to Android support.


Moneyspire is mainly focused on making complete money management in a very easy way and does so with the best simple and easy-to-follow all the views in a perfect way. The majority of your time in the app will take place on a single screen. So No user needs to get worried about jumping all around especially between the views. This app is one of the best Quicken alternatives you can get.


So friends today we have discussed these wonderful apps which are the best Quicken alternatives. With these Quicken alternatives, you can get all your financial documents to get ready on your Desktop. As this is a Desktop application you can download it directly on your PC.

I hope you guys had decided which is the best alternative for quicken now. Don’t wait, just download the software and then simply say your experience about the software’s with us in the below-provided comments Box. Keep visiting Tech 170 for more updates on apps, Softwares, and others.

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WolowTube Alternatives: Best Sites Like WolowTube




WolowTube Alternatives: WolowTube is actually one of the topmost streaming sites comparatively. Most people show interest to watch a larger number of movies/ TV content through it in a more successful way. Also, it is considered as one of the highly preferred sites to watch all your favorite content irrespective of time and place.

Not only watching movies but also there is a chance to download any number of movies to watch later. No registration process is involved to access the content through WolowTube. Just simply by navigating to the respective site, start watching without making a second opinion.

WolowTube Alternatives

But, if in case of failure to find WolowTube’s official site, do not get disappointed. This site might be restricted or not allowed in your region. You can go for the other several alternative sites like WolowTube that greatly supports watching movies very well. As a result, we have come up with the best list of WolowTube alternatives provided here in a clear and better understandable format.

Top Wolowtube Alternatives Lists and Similar Sites

Below we have come up with the most famous or trending movie streaming sites in the form of bulleted lists. One can pick up and watch all their favorites without stepping back at these apps.

  • FMovies
  • Solarmovies
  • Putlockers
  • Los Movies
  • 123Movies

As discussed, let us look forward to the details involved in each and every WolowTube alternative provided here.

1. FMovies

FMovies is one of the most famous or trending sites providing ultimate access to watching all your favorites within a short time. One can watch them free of cost. No single penny is charged to access the content through FMovies. It has never compromised in terms of quality. Also, no more annoying ads involved in it.

Sites Like Wolowtube

Categories like the latest TV series, movies, requested movies, and genres like action, adventure, drama, and much more are greatly updated on the site every day. Just simply by picking up your favorite content, or navigating to one particular movie, tap on it and finally start watching and have fun accordingly.

2. Solarmovies

Solarmovies is similar to WolowTube in many aspects. Solarmovies provide ultimate access to several users. It is a simple, faster, and great place to watch any number of movies online for free. Top movies, TV series and much more are greatly available through it. Also, genres like action, drama, romance, and various others are provided with it.

Best Alternative Websites Like WolowTube

The site offers two options: either to watch a movie with 4 k or download without stepping back. Just simply tapping on one particular movie or TV series, then you can start watching and make a lot of fun successfully. Therefore, start navigating to the official site and access the content accordingly. This site is one of the best WolowTube alternatives.

3. Putlockers

Putlockers is one of the best movie streaming site that greatly provides access to watch all the favorite content in a more successful way. The site is totally filled with various movies, TV series, and the latest content updated on a daily basis. If you see, today millions of users are navigating to the Putlockers for watching all their favorites very well.

Similar Sites Like Wolowtube

Moreover, no single penny is charged to watch all the content through Putlockers. Genres like action-oriented, adventure, suspense thriller, and much more are updated successfully. Just simply by tapping on one particular movie or TV show, you can start watching and make fun all day.

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4. Los Movies

Los Movies is another most interesting movie streaming site that is greatly accessed by tons of single users even today. The user can watch any number of movies online for free. That means no single penny is charged to watch movies through it. Once after navigating to the official site, you can have a look at the alphabetical series.

WolowTube Alternatives 2021

Picking up one alphabet and tap on it to view all the movies/ TV series listed accordingly. Therefore, select and watch right away to make a lot of fun without stepping back. The most special thing apart from these is, it has never compromised in delivering content with high HD quality.

5. 123Movies

The most well known or trending movie streaming site is none other than 123Movies. It acts as the best alternative for the WolowTube providing all your favorite content without any fail. Users who are looking for the top sites go for this without making second thought.

Best Alternatives To WolowTube For Movie

This site comes with uploading mostly watched movies, TV series, latest movies, and much more with it. Therefore, just simply by clicking one particular movie/ TV content, the user is supposed to watch and make a lot of fun. Not only the categories but also has come with an in-built search bar to identify favorites in less time.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above list of top WolowTube alternatives was totally clear. People who are looking for the best movie streaming sites/ to watch all the favorite content got the perfect solution. As a result, if you like to have more WolowTube alternatives or for any doubts, simply drop a comment in the below rectangular section. Thank you. Therefore stay connected with Tech 170 for more interesting alternatives updated on a daily basis.

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Reddit Alternatives: Similar Sites like Reddit {Latest Alternatives}




If you want to know about the Reddit alternatives or some sites like Reddit, then we have got you covered. Reddit is a site on which we can see the latest news from economy to technology and much other information. It lets you keep updated by giving you updates as pop-ups on your phone. People just love this app and always keep it on their phones. Not only news reading but also healthy discussions between a group of individuals is the main advantage of this app.

People could share their ideas and increase their knowledge. But due to the increasing number of other apps like Reddit, people started shifting to those apps and the user count of Reddit started decreasing, and due to which the enthusiasm of having discussions has lost somewhere.

Reddit Alternatives

So don’t worry as there are so many alternative news sites like Reddit where you can have healthy discussions and share your knowledge. Without wasting time, let’s check what are the best alternative sites to Reddit.

Best Reddit Alternatives

These apps are the same as Reddit and have some additional features too. Let us look into the features and USPs of the alternative apps.

1. Voat

Voat is just like Reddit & it is one of the best alternatives to Reddit. Here you can read the updated news and can debate on hot rated topics. Voat has all the features of Reddit and the interface is also quite the same. Voat lets you discuss any topic as it has declared that no question is illegal to discuss unless it badly hurts someone’s feelings. Earlier Reddit used to ban those questions which used to make people panic and have great toned discussions.


This is the reason why people migrated to Voat. No doubt Voat is one of the coolest news reading and debate apps. It will keep you updated about all events happening around the corner of the world. This is the main reason why people migrated to Voat.

2. Quora

Quora is one of the ultimate sites like Reddit which lets you interact with some creative brains around the world. They have gray matter in their brains. You can post your question, and somebody who has an interest in that topic will answer that question. Sometimes you learn a lot through Quora. Many times when you post some technical issue, some of the esteemed people comment on issues.


If you want to search for some questions, you can just search in the search panel, and you will get various results based on your search. You can also find some intelligent people so that whenever they answer some questions, you will get to know them. So in total Quora is the best site I have ever known for gaining knowledge.

3. YChan

It is a fantastic website like Reddit where you can post photos, and people will comment on your photos and can socialize in its community of people. You can comment on photos in several communities based on topics like science, technology, music, etc. The topics of discussion are vast. Also, if you are shy to post any picture by your name, YChan gives you a simple solution of posting the photo without any name.


People will get the message but your name will not be displayed. But make sure that the picture should not be spam as strict actions can be taken against you if that would be the case. Try this append, you will love it.

4. Hacker News

It is one of the good groups if you are tech-savvy. All you get to read here will be technology related news only. The news will be from esteemed sources and stories will get published on its home page which you can read. All stories will be related to technology. Hacking is the main topic and what the latest inventions are going on in the world are the main topics on Hacker News.


So, just post your story and comment on other stories. You will get to learn many new things. Install this app and sign up for free and start using this app to know more about technology.

5. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is also a useful app when you want to learn more about products either they are apps, sites, or anything. You can get to know the top 10 games for android, windows or you can get to know the top 10 dating apps. Almost everything about products you can get to learn here.


You will be updated if you install this app. Pop-ups come whenever there is a piece of new news so that you don’t skip that story. It is fascinating. Just go for this app, you will love it.

6. Newsvine

Newsvine is a new app in the market but almost the same as independent news sources like Reddit. It is an app that is specially made for you so that you be updated about the news every moment. You get to know almost every news about the world.


So, if you are thinking to try some different app from Reddit then go for this app as similarly like Reddit you will be able to participate in discussions. In fact more than that you will be able to submit your articles which can be published if the editor will like them. What can be better than that? Download the app and try it for free.

7. 9Gag

9Gag is one of the sites which was launched only to share some interesting stuff, but now it has turned to be informational also. People share critical information here, and you can learn many different things through easy ways.


The comment section has some funny lines which will make you laugh which is also good for your health too. So in total, it is a good app when you are thinking to try something new than Reddit. Download this app and see whether it benefits you or not.

8. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is one of the best alternatives available to all individuals. This is the latest and outstanding app available on the internet. The app is one of the best sites that helps in finding and submitted to different people all over the market. And helps in building some content provided to the various users.


Moreover, users have to submit different news, stories, discoveries, and so on. All this is shown as stumblers. The simple thing you have to do is exploring through a single click in order to initiate new and amazing things. Keep stumbling until you have to find the motto of the best and ultimate service.


So now you got to know various apps that are the same as Reddit but have their unique features. You will be updated every time. What can be better than that? So go for these apps. Download them and then give your feedback on which app you liked the most. Enjoy and share your information with people from different parts of the world. Stay Tuned to Tech 170 for More Info & amazing guides.

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WhatsApp alternatives: 9 Best Free Apps Like WhatsApp




WhatsApp alternatives: WhatsApp is a boon for people, providing a host of different features such as text message, voice calling, and video calling. It also allows you to share different kinds of media such as pictures, videos, documents, or contacts.

But after its acquisition by Mark Zuckerberg, people have been wondering if all the data which they are sharing over WhatsApp is really secure or not. WhatsApp is providing end-to-end encryption but it is still not sure how secure our data really is. All big companies nowadays require data which they call Big Data.

whatsapp alternatives

This data is obtained through data mining which basically means to acquire our personal data and WhatsApp is a very good source for this data with all of the private information which we are sharing over it. So, this has created a cloud of doubt in the minds of people and they are trying to seek out alternatives for WhatsApp. So, we have created a list of the best alternatives for WhatsApp which you can look into.

List of Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Are you in search of the best Whatsapp alternatives? If yes, here is the lists shared in the form of billet points just below.

  • KIK Messenger
  • Line
  • Wickr Me
  • Telegram
  • Kontalk
  • Antox
  • Signal
  • Threema
  • Wire

These are the certain alternatives to Whatsapp. Let’s start reviewing each and every single alternative to WhatsApp in detail.

1. KIK Messenger

KIK messenger is notoriously famous for various solicitous activities such as sexting, drug dealing, and various other shady dealings. Now, this might not sound entirely safe but just the fact that such types of activities are carried out on it is a testament.

whatsapp alternative

This is all only to learn how secure this app is. It is a free app and it doesn’t ask for your number to register. All messaging data is stored on your phone itself so you don’t need to worry about any breach of your privacy.

Available on – iOS, Android


LINE is probably WhatsApp’s biggest competitor with various additional features along with the traditional text messaging, voice, and video calls. These additional features include conference calls, stickers for various occasions, and a customizable interface.

best whatsapp alternative

LINE uses less data than WhatsApp for video calls and it is secured by end-to-end encryption. LINE might ask to access your contact list or location for certain features but this is all optional and all data is encrypted on LINE’s servers. You also have the option of self-destructing your messages to remove them from LINE’s servers.

Available on – iOS, Android

3. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is used by journalists and world leaders which is testament enough to how secure it is. Wickr Me also contains fun features such as stickers and emojis. You need to provide your phone number to log in to the app but it guarantees the privacy of your personal details.

apps similar to whatsapp

It provides very high-end encryption for your data and it provides another level of protection by not storing your data on its servers. You can also delete messages irretrievably from your phone with ease.

Available on – Android

4. Telegram

Telegram is probably most worthy to replace WhatsApp. It has all the features which are available on WhatsApp such as voice and video calls, logging in with your mobile number, stickers, emojis, and much more.

alternative to whatsapp

It also provides good end-to-end encryption for your security. Telegram is also available as a desktop app on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. It also sports a web chat application for your messaging needs.

Available on – iOS, Android, PC

5. Kontalk

Kontalk is at the pinnacle of respecting your privacy as this app is an open XMPP-based application. This means that all of your data will be kept on your own personal server, keeping you completely in charge of your chats.

alternative indian app for whatsap

KontalIf you like to get this amazing application Kontalk is available on the Google Play Store and the F-Droid app along with having a desktop client. You can go straightforwardly and get it right away without any fail.

Available on – PC, Android

6. Antox

Antox is a fairly new application. In fact, it is still in the beta testing modes. So, you might face some bugs if you are using this app but it assures you to keep your privacy intact. This app is available on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and even FreeBSD under different banner names.

chat apps similar to whatsapp

Like Antox on Android, Antidote on iOS. But the main thing to note here is that it promises to keep your data as secure as possible. If you want to use an alternative to WhatsApp and like trying out new things, you should definitely go for this app.

Available on – Android, iOS, PC

7. Signal

The signal is very similar to Telegram with respect to its features. What makes it stand apart is that Signal is comparatively more open while at the same time securing your data to great lengths.

alternative to whatsapp in india

They ask for your mobile number to log in to the app but it is just used as an ID, not used for any transmission purposes. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and also on Chrome.

Available on – iOS, Android, PC

8. Threema

Threema app too is making its name in the messaging scenario with all the facilities that we can expect including end-to-end encryption of your text, images, and also your GPS location.

whatsapp alternative secure

It also connects easily to people who are joining this service by synchronizing with your contacts. Threema app believes that only you can share your data and as such, it takes great care to provide you with utmost security.

Available on – iOS, Android

9. Wire

The wire is fast becoming popular on the secure messaging scene. It has been created by Janus Friis, who is the co-founder of Skype. It provides end-to-end encryption and the interface is very straightforward, which makes it easy for anybody to use. Wire asks for your number or your email in order to register yourself.

indian app similar to whatsapp

This information is not viewable by anybody, with only a username being used to connect with each other. Wire also provides another interesting feature which is a timed message, that is, you can self-destruct a message after a certain period chosen by you. This is useful in sending extremely sensitive information.

Available on – Android, App


That is the end of our list of alternatives for WhatsApp. It can be hard to switch over from WhatsApp which is understandable considering the widespread connectivity through it but at the same time, WhatsApp can only be so secure. You can look into these alternatives and decide accordingly. For more details, do not forget to keep an eye on tech 170 every time.

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