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60+ PUBG Tips and Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner in Every Match {2021}



PUBG Tips and Tricks: Player Unknown’s Battleground or also known as PUBG is developed by Bluehole Studio Inc. and PUBD corporation. What you exactly know about the game? This is basically a multi-player game where 100 players together were dropped over the platform and the last who stands is going to win the game.

During the entire battle, players were asked to collect the things or essentials like guns, armor, medic kits, and thereby little by little the play zone starts to shrink. This way number of players grouped together on an island and allow them to play this wonderful most challenging and interesting game PUBG.

pubg tips and tricks

One more interesting point about this game is survival matters or taken into consideration more than the killers. As a result, the winner is none other who stands by the end of the game. Thereby greeted as with the following “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. anyhow, let’s now focus on PUBG Tips and Tricks which were absolutely shared just below.

Useful PUBG tips and tricks for gamers

Before you start playing too busy you need to run down the basics to get into more advanced strategies. This is important for not facing any difficulties that may encounter in the middle of the game. Hence let’s start going through the lists of PUBG tips and tricks.

pubg tips and tricks lists

  1. Master and set up the basic controls
  2. Put away your weapon from your hand by pressing the X key on PC, you can spend faster than when you are holding any weapon in your hand.
  3. Remove your shoes as cheerful running speed is the same as your running with shoes but when you are working on most surfaces it will be quieter.
  4. To refuel the vehicles it needs to be stopped within the car by right-clicking the container inventory.
  5. Use the map marker all the time to give the specific direction to the team where you want to move with them.
  6. Select the game’s voice chat to all I sometimes any meetings forget to set their mic settings to private. Which might help you with this strategy trying to use in their game.
  7. Toggle the rate of fire with the B key or left on the d-pad on the console.
  8. There are three types of aiming in the game, the first one is hip fire, the second one is more accurate if I were you can do that by holding the right mouse button, and the last one is aiming down sights you can do that by tapping right mouse button.
  9. Master the essential strategies and priorities
  10. Usually, the big areas Ahmedabad flight path dangerous place to start but they will have the better loot. Try to find the small buildings at the age of the para shooting range and try to get whatever you can find.

pubg tips and tricks advanced

  1. The main thing that you want to find as soon as possible are assault rifles, a backpack of any level to carry ammo and different other stuff, a bulletproof vest for better protection, healing items, and a helmet. These items usually have three levels, the higher level of this item will provide you with better protection.
  2. Usually, all the doors in the houses in the game start with closed if any door is open then someone is already been there. And if your leaving any don’t open painting the house when you are telling that this has already been raided.
  3. Don’t jump from high stories for you might get the fall damage
  4. if you are caught in fire from the range don’t go prone just make yourself a sitting duck and try to move zigzag odd-even you can sprint while doing that until you get it cover or break the line of sight. And if you are in a vehicle the best way is to drive really fast and get away from the firing range.
  5. Don’t always clear up the building if you’re important things for the other people to enter and feel secure and when they try to loot shoot them in the back.
  6. While fighting the multiple enemies simply ignore the ones who knocked out and crawling in the ground just focus on shooting the standing once you might attack you. Vehicles will roll down and explode when they hit things at high speed so if you crash with high-speed anything gets away from the back as soon as possible.
  7. Not all scopes will work with All guns as M16 cannot be equipped with an 8X scope and you cannot also equip 8x scope on smgs.
  8. There is no point in keeping any pistols as they will be doing no good other than wasting your precious inventory space.
  9. Get rid of the high-level damaged armor as it’s worse than the undamaged low-level armor, to know which level of armor you are wearing by looking at the level beside the armor.
  10. Try to avoid the bridges other than cross into a safe zone because almost all the time someone will be waiting to kill you as they will be doing bridge camping. Is better to swim or find a boat to cross the river other than getting into a bridge.

pubg tips and tricks 2021

  1. Try to movie new-looking camping as someone might be trying to get a headshot.
  2. Memorize more controls in PC hotkeys
  3. Hold the ‘Alt’ button to look around without moving. It is great when camping or falling from the plane.
  4. Dive underwater by holding the ‘C’ button while swimming, and rise to the surface by holding the ‘space’ button.
  5. Toggle between the seats in a vehicle with ‘Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5/6’ or ‘Ctrl+1’ for taking you to the driving seat.
  6. You can always auto screen by pressing the ‘=’ button.
  7. You can always toggle peak fire, lean left press the ‘Q’ button and to lean right press the ‘E’ button while aiming. This control is useful when you are trying to look and shoot around the walls without exposing yourself.
  8. Hold the ‘shift’ button to boost vehicles.
  9. To make an aggressive turn off the vehicle use handbrake by pressing the ‘space’ button.
  10. You can always control motorbikes in the air by holding the ‘space + left ctrl’ button.

pubg mobile tips and tricks advanced

  1. To toggle between first and third-person shooting press the ‘V’ button.
  2. Hold your breath for better aiming by the press and hold the ‘shift’ button.
  3. Watch the bullet drop while aiming by holding the left mouse button.
  4. To change the weapon toggle between page up and page down.
  5. Get straight to the great with the G button.
  6. Healing items are always available in 7, 8, 9, and 0 by default. So no need to open your inventory to use them.
  7. Roll grenades with an underarm throw by holding the left mouse button and then the right mouse button to throw.
  8. Turn off the HUD entirely if on-screen markers are getting in your way by pressing Ctrl+U.
  9. Strategy for forwarding into the Battleground
  10. Always use the balcony, roof, or high grounds for better sniping.

pubg tips and tricks in hindi

  1. Shoot the M16 pineapple firing The automatic weapon using its burst fire mode.
  2. Strategy to get most of the medkits
  3. There are two best ways to heal yourself back by using a very Real Medkit which instantly heals after 10 seconds. Are use the boost like energy drinks and painkillers which will heal you over time.
  4. To bandages and first aid kit get your back of the health, positive work instantly after 7 seconds of applying. Bandage requests to apply multiple times and it heals over time.
  5. while applying in healing item when you are down to 0.5 seconds you can always start moving without canceling it. you can also apply healing items to a vehicle but the vehicle needs to be stopped.
  6. Inventory and grenade tips and tricks
  7. Different items take a different amount of space in the inventory. For example, first aid kits are bigger than bandages, the same thing applies to ammunitions different types of grenades like frags are smaller than smoking stun grenades.
  8. Try to get the bigger back for equipping the larger items. Also, keep in mind equipped items and ammo that are loaded in your gun do not take any space from the inventory. Encase unit to equip something get rid of the old items from the inventory first.
  9. Combat tips for hiding and engaging
  10. Sneaking your way to the final few players is a good strategy but even master the combat. To do so you need to feel the weapons and fighting then spend a few games spawning in a busy spot we can have the fight.

pubg mobile secrets

  1. The best way to steal the way to the win is to hide on a boat or behind the cliff where mostly no one will be looking. This is the best way to avoid being exported and also have some spare fuel, which you can use in vehicles to move into the main safe zones on the map.
  2. Jumping wedding melee attacks make headshots easier and its advantages to make more damages.
  3. The best way to win a game is to avoid combat and main things to make sure while not trying to kill someone if you are not sure and don’t do any false fires.
  4. While trying to flee try to make a zigzag run on foot and try to break the line of sight.
  5. If you’re having bad gear don’t try to be greedy just adapt with it if having any shotgun or SMG came inside any building or confined areas. if you are equipped with crossbow endoscope ever buildings and find a high spot for sniping. One kill is enough to gain a good amount of loot.
  6. If your ambition in a little house and you spot an incoming enemy bust out and forget them don’t wait in there. If you’re smart they will try to clear out with grenades or they might shoot through the wooden door.
  7. Best combat tips
  8. To survive master the art of lean or peak firing. When you behind something uses a q and a button to do peak firing.
  9. If you know there is about to be gunfire all you need to sprint way dangerous open area always use boost items like painkiller energy drink as they will heal over time and add extra speed.
  10. Usually, long grass only renders less than 150 meters away. But a player renders from very far away. So don’t try to get cover on long grass for a sniper might spot you easily and kill you from a long-range.

pubg tricks and hacks

  1. Looks like healing items like fast aid kits make a perfect bait. Leave them in the middle of a room and wait for the enemy to enter as a wing that the building is safe and you can make a quick kill on them.
  2. Figure out which method or swings into your room, if you are coming inside a building it is easier to hide the side of the door that opens so that when the player comes in turn around and shut the door and you will get the edge to kill them before they do.
  3. Grenades are best for clearing small huts especially if there are people inside them.

Features of Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG game

Before you dive into the game you need to know the features of the PUBG game. We have listed the features which are offered by the amazing online multiplayer shooting game.

pubg pro tips

  • Tactical game
  • Reach quality graphics and high-quality audio
  • Realistic weapons
  • Vehicles for traveling
  • Team up to play
  • Noncheating environment

These are the certain features of player unknown’s battleground or the most fantastic game PUBG.


After undergoing huge research and analysis on the internet, we provided the lists of the best PUBG tips and tricks available in the market. We have categorized various strategies accordingly to easily guide you through the PUBG game.

We have also given you the features of the PUBG game before you download and start playing. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. So that they can also know the tips and tricks to become the master of playing an online multiplayer shooting game. You can use most of the tips in any other online shooting games also. So, therefore, try and win your game now by following these guidelines shared at tg170 by today!! Stay tuned to our website for informative articles.

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