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Working Ways to Fix “Phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet” 2021



Do your phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet? How to fix it? Searching for the same? Then you have landed at the right place. The problem of WiFi without internet on Android is very common all these days. Sometimes, although it seems that your phone is connected to a wireless network. But you can not really see web pages.

In that case, you can try checking your email, use WhatsApp, or any other application that works with the internet. Even though if you encounter the same, then it’s time to fix the error right away. Well, there are certain ways to fix this phone connected to wifi but no internet issue. You may notice several methods available but only a few 100% help in resolving the issue.

Phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet

Researching a bit I could find some methods to solve this problem in which Android connects to WiFi but does not give access to the Internet. The majority requires making manual adjustments to the device or the Router. But we also wanted to cover all the possibilities by adding some of the best applications to repair the WiFi in Android. Hence let’s start now analyzing and learning the essential things shared just below.

My Phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet! How to fix It?

Now, before you start testing solutions to repair the Internet on Android, it is important to first make sure that it is a problem with your phone and not with the Internet connection or the Router. Then connect a computer or other mobile device to the WiFi network you want to use and if you can access the Internet without a problem, then you have to check the phone. Otherwise, you will have to check your Internet connection.

Anyhow all the steps involved by which you should follow to solve this problem WiFi without Internet on Android are as follows. Let’s begin learning these simple steps and implement them now to fix the issue successfully.

Forget WiFi Network

Phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet how to fix

  • The very first Click on “Settings”, then on “WiFi” and then press and hold the name of the network. Press then on “Forget”.
  • After this, restart your phone and preferably your modem. Then try to connect to WiFi again.

Advanced WiFi configuration

Follow the below instructions to fix the Phone connected to WiFi But no Internet issue now.

wifi network android phone

  • Access Settings then click on WiFi. If you are connected to the network click on it. Then choose to Forget.

fix Phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet

  • Now select your WiFi network again, enter the password and then click on “Show advanced options“.

fix Phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet now

  • Right there, scroll down to IP Configuration and select “Static” instead of DHCP.
  • Now, right in the “IP Address” field, you must enter the IP address that you want to assign to your phone.
  • Usually, if your modem or router has an address of type You can assign an IP address in the range to
  • In the “Access” field you must enter the IP address of your router, which is usually,, or
  • And remember in the “Network prefix length“, the value that is normally used is 24

Phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet fix now

  • Finally, in DNS 1 and DNS 2 fields, (primary and secondary DNS servers). You can use Google Public DNS: and, respectively.
  • As a result, click on « Connect » and check if you already have the internet on your Android.

Check the Time and Date

If the above solutions don’t work, try this simple trick and see whether the issue so-called phone connected to wifi but no internet is resolved or no. To fix the problem, follow these simple steps.

iphone connected to wifi but no internet

  • Check the time and date of your phone are correct whether they are correct or wrong. Along with this try to check regarding time zone of your modem or router.
  • It even checks in the Router that the selected region is the indicated one or not exactly the same. That is, be sure to select your country since an incorrect configuration could cause interference and thereby encounters this issue.

Most of the time, this simple trick helped a lot of people fixing the issue. If this failed to work, try the below one.

Remove the Phone’s Battery

Sometimes removing the’s battery also helps in fixing the issue so easily. Let’s step into the instructions now.

why is my internet not working on my phone

  • While your phone is on, remove the battery and leave it that way for 30 seconds.
  • Then replace the battery and try to connect to the Internet.

Isn’t this method looks simple? try now because this may work without any fail. What if your phone has an in-built battery?  If in that case try the above and below solutions skipping this method.

Configure the Wireless Mode

In order to configure the wireless mode successfully, follow the below instructions.

  • Access the configuration of your modem from any web browser and then enter the wireless section.
  • Test then between 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11b + g + n wireless modes.
  • A configuration that works in most cases is “Mode: 11bgn mixed / Channel: Auto”.
  • With this, you can connect your Android phone to the Internet even with a dynamic IP configuration successfully.

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Restart your modem

This is another simple fix that you can try now. Let’s step in learning the instructions shared just below in simple terminology.

wifi connected but no internet windows 10

  • As discussed restarting the modem is another thing you can do to repair WiFi on Android. This often helps to solve Internet connection problems.
  • To do so, you are allowed to disconnect the power cable of the modem and wait 30 seconds or 1 minute to reconnect the device later.
  • You can take the modem a few minutes to re-establish the network connection. So you have to wait a bit and once ready, check that the Internet is working properly.

DNS Cache Conflict

The DNS Cache usually stores the unused data like recently visited websites and thereby allows to load the web pages very fastly. So whenever you enter the URL, the OS you are operating is going to intercepts and thereby look for the cache. If the request you have sent and it gets a match with the cache web pages none other in stored web pages, OS takes from it rather than taking from the internet. Hence there is going to be a mismatch in the IP address and thereby results in the corresponding error. To fix this, follow the below instructions.

  • Tap Windows+R and type CMD.

internet not working but connected

  • Run the command so that you can visualize the command prompt displaying on the screen.

wifi connected but no internet access windows 7

  • Type the command “ipconfig/flushdns”
  • Press on the enter key.

Doing so flushes the entire unused or corrupted cache available in your system. Thereby fixes the error successfully.

Now What If Nothing Works

Reset the phone can also be an option to repair the WiFi in Android. However, before reaching these instances, be sure to try the solutions already mentioned above.


Hence, We have provided all the troubleshooting steps to solve the Phone Connected to Wifi But No Internet. We hope you like the article and it has helped you to solve your problem. Do not forget to share your experience and if you know another way to solve the problem of WiFi without Internet on Android, do not hesitate to share it with us. Stay tuned to tech 170 for more tutorials and guides.

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