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Mailchimp Alternatives to Crush Email Marketing {Latest List}



Are you searching for Mailchimp alternatives? Mailchimp is an email marketing service that serves a lot of emails. Mailchimp is so popular and also users search for sites like Mailchimp to send emails. This service provider offers some charges to send mails so the alternatives to Mailchimp have arisen. As a result, there are many companies like Mailchimp that provide or act as an alternative to Mailchimp. Some of the companies provide free email services.

Mailchimp prices 20$ for 100 subscribers per month. It has some deadlines too that is 75$ and more as charging prices. According to the service of this provider, it is a good but charging amount but it is not favorable for people. For each mail after a limit costs more.

mailchimp alternatives

So free email services like Mailchimp that do not cost any amount are listed here and they act as the free alternative to Mailchimp. Hence check some of the companies and the best Mailchimp alternatives that are providing free email services.

Free Mailchimp Alternatives {Better & Cheaper}

Need some of the free alternatives to Mailchimp that can give free mails. This Mailchimp requires joining the subscribers and it tends to reduce the money for that like if you have 40000 subscribers and monthly increment for additional 1000 subscribers will be still 5$ per month. Therefore some the issues like this have made the users choose Mailchimp similar sites.

  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact
  • Emma
  • AWeber
  • iContact
  • Mad Mimi
  • SendInBlue
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Freshmail

So these are the best alternatives to Mailchimp mail service. You can use any of the mail services listed above as a Mailchimp alternative.


GetResponse is suited for small to mid companies and it has almost 15$ charging per month. But this is far better than Mailchimp and it has tons of features that will make to choose this email service. The users say this is the best alternative for Mailchimp.


  • $15/month for 1,000 subscribers.
  • Landing page creator.
  • A specialized tool to create marketing tracks
  • In final it has come with the best drag-and-drop editor.
  • Also Creates the five split tests.

Constant Contact

This is the most popular of Mailchimp alternatives free in the market, this is a great email marketing platform for businesses. It has flexible pricing and discount offers too.  Finally, they offer many ways for small businesses to learn about email marketing and how to utilize them, meanwhile have a look at the that are most popular.


  • Email and social media campaign.
  • 400+ templates
  • Hoot suite integration
  • $20/month for 500 subscribers
  • Hence more competitive pricing.


This is a modern email marketing system that has pre-built features in it. It is easy to use and read the reports with perfect integration. It is considered as the great Mailchimp alternative and there are so many factors that have made Emma more popular.


  •  200+ templates
  • Light form integration
  • Great reporting
  • Also Dynamic content abilities.
  • As a result $49/month for 2,500 subscribers


This is another Mailchimp similar service that provides the best campaigns for the users who don’t have time to spend their time on email marketing campaigns. Therefore this is a huge library of templates that are pretty to use and have too much customization.


  • Easy importation.
  • 700+ templates
  • $19/month for 500 subscribers.
  • Split test operations
  • Competitive pricing


iContact is head of business with a smaller email database size, it has some expensive plans to deliver and if you pay per annual there is some price reduction in this. It is used to use for new people and this service has the message coder tool that allows you to customize the email templates.


  • Prepay discount of 15%
  • Message coder tool
  • Template customization
  • Also good support documentation.
  • $14/month for 500 subscribers

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Mad Mimi

The Mad Mimi is the famous and most affordable email marketing solution available these days. Moreover, it has come with a free plan providing storage for up to 100 subscribers. As a result not only this, the app is willing to customize the total plan in a perfect way.


  • Best customer service.
  • Emails that you send will ultimately be 100% customizable.
  • And therefore no HTML language is required at the learning stage.
  • In final, the solution is very simple and in turn, makes it ideal especially for email marketers.


SendInBlue is the outstanding super flexible pricing plan and comes with eight hetero plans including a free trial. This sends 9000 emails per month and runs the business size. Therefore the most significant aspect of the current app is nowhere limits are provided on the contacts.


  • It is a bit of a dark horse.
  • Fairly customizable for your business size.
  • Easy Emails Uploader.
  • Also, upload the contact lists in a more easy way.

Active Campaign

Well, Active Campaign is one of the wonderful options applicable to any of the business sizes this is Mailchimp alternatives open-source that offers the best flexible pricing plan to any of the business ranges from small to the enterprise.


  • It makes it more simple towards uploading contacts.
  • The ActiveCampaign email management abilities will be made available to all-around solid.
  • In the final, it constitutes a phenomenal drag and drop interface.
  • Therefore, well lovable and preferable towards remarketing abilities.


The Freshmail is the best workable solution for the most experienced email marketers who will always stay connected with marketing automation action. This has come with an extremely lightweight marketing automation solution. Moreover, extraordinary good price structured. Hence Freshmail is completely flexible and gets unlimited emails to the 500 contacts. This gets sweeter as we divide into the complete details.


  • It can import numerous contacts from any of the services.
  • Also, it can automate various email tracks, and use dynamic content.
  • Therefore, you can import your own templates or export Freshmail to customize the programs you prefer to use.
  • As a result, it creates the barcodes in order to send the emails, making it perfect for retailers and in the final, ultimately sending out discounts well.


I hope you have got the Mailchimp alternatives free that are like Mailchimp and you can use those email marketing services for free. As a result, if you have any other MailChimp alternative you can share it with us. Finally, stay connected with the current write-up and get more information about Mailchimp alternatives in the final. Hence visit Tech 170 for more informative posts.
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Way2SMS Alternatives: Similar Apps & Websites {Updated List 2021}




Way2SMS Alternatives: If you want to send instant messages without using any main balance from your network then there are several websites available in the market by which you can easily send messages directly to the other device without costing money. Instant messaging applications are currently trending in the market right now. SMS is officially dead but still, they come in handy in case internet services are down for some reason in your device.

There are several websites available in the market but one of the best websites for sending instant messages without using your balance is Way2SMS. This website is one of the biggest messaging platforms which is having a larger user base and messages can be sent without any hassle directly to other numbers using this website. However, Way2SMS is not the only one. There are many other apps similar to and even better than Way2SMS.

way2sms alternatives

In this article, we will talk about several websites which are alternatives to the Way2Sms instant messaging website available in the market. For sending SMS this website requires you to create an account and then you will be able to send SMS to your friends and family using your internet. Also, get the delivery receipt after the message is sent. Head down to the article below and get the alternative websites for sending instant messaging using the internet on your devices.

5 Best Way2SMS Alternatives

We have provided the best 5 Way2SMS alternatives below. These are the best alternatives to the Way2Sms instant messaging website which we have listed in this article. Read the features and functions of the website carefully before accessing and using instant messaging service through the internet on your devices.


Sites like Way2sms

AFreeSMS is surely one of the best Way2SMS alternatives. This is an international messaging website available in the market. With the help of this instant messaging website, you can send messages instantly using the internet to any part of the world. Unlike any other messaging service website you do not need to create an account for sending instant messages. This is one of the anonymous instant messaging websites available in the market for sending unlimited messages internationally and nationally through the internet using this website.


Alternatives to Way2sms

This is one of the best Way2SMS alternatives which you can have. You need to create a free account for sending instant messages using the internet from this website. Not only you can send a personal message you can also send various promotional messages or jokes to all groups in dual languages. The supported language includes Hindi and English. You can send a message instantly using the internet to any number which is located in India. This website also offers various rewards for completing various objectives. Send instant messages to your friends and family using the FullOnSms website.

Websites like Way2sms

Use this website to send multiple instant messages using an internet connection. Like any other instant messaging website you need to create an account on this website too in order to send instant messages to your friends and family. This website also allows you to send group messages and also gives you the ability to send personal messages using the service of the website. SMS5 instant messaging website is one of the best messaging websites available in the market and is also one of the best Way2SMS alternatives.

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Best Way2sms Alternatives is another one of the great Way2SMS alternatives. This website is one of the top messaging websites where you can send unlimited messages instantly using this website. is ranked as one of the top instant messaging service websites on the internet. Create an account on the website and start sending various instant messages through the internet using this website. You can send messages to any number in India instantly by using this website. This website doesn’t compulsorily ask the users to register for an account. It is totally your wish if you want to create an account or not.


Way2sms Alternatives 2021

Send instant messages with an internet connection to any Indian number with the help of this website from your devices. Most of the instant messaging websites only offer a limited amount of messages in a day or some of the websites do not even support promotional messages to send on any number. However, IndiaSMS allows us to send an unlimited amount of messages instantly which includes promotional messages to various numbers throughout India using the internet. IndiaSMS is surely one of the great Way2SMS alternatives.

Final Words

We have collected various data about the Way2Sms alternatives on the internet and provided them here. Pick one and start using the website to send instant messages using the internet. Instant messaging sites save a lot of trouble and also don’t cost any money. Share this article with other users so that they can also send instant messages using the internet. For more useful posts, visit the Tech 170 website.

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Best Atdhe Alternatives and Similar Sites: Popular Sites Like Atdhe




Best Atdhe Alternatives: Atdhe is one of the various sports streaming sites available online. All the links on this site are updated on a daily basis. Games like Football, Basketball, Tennis, baseball, and many more are updated on this particular site regularly. If you see today, tons of game players are accessing this amazing site wonderfully.

Whenever you like to go with the game watching online, just tap on the link and access it accordingly. There are no more risks involved to access all your favorite games through Atdhe. If you are interested, you can share them through any of the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and various without stepping back.

atdhe alternatives

Moreover, this has been recently improved, and are still working to add more improvements grasping all the interests of every individual user. Similar to these, if you see there are multiple sports streaming sites provided here. Go through them and pick the best one you like or prefer and watch all your favorite sports accordingly.

Best Sites like Atdhe {Atdhe Alternatives}

As discussed, here we go with the list of top trending sports streaming sites available in the form of a bulleted list. Navigate to the site you are interested in and start watching all your favorite sports from right there.

  • BatManStream
  • VIPLeague
  • Wiziwig
  • Stream2Watch
  • Cricfree

So are you ready to pick the best one among them? Here we go.

1. BatManStream

Batmanstream is the most favorite sports streaming site accessed by millions of users. Games like Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Motor, Tennis, and many more games are involved in it. Any user can add the stream. That means one can feel free to add such particular streams.


Any users can join the respective community by clicking on one particular option. There is a time running on the site. The site also consists of a search bar where one can go and locate any number of events without any fail. If you like to have clearance for any doubts or looking for the gameplay details, you can also have a live chat with the respective team.

2. VIP League

The VIP league is one of the most trending sports streaming sites accessed by tons of game players and others even today. In order to entertain yourselves, and relieve out all the stress keeping overall concentration on sports only, this is the best site to go with. It provides a completely free service.

VIP League

Not a single penny is charged to access any number of games through it. Games like Football, Baseball, and much more are available on it. Just navigate to the official site and view the selected game to start having fun. You can use this website anytime, anywhere. If you like to go with VIP League, without any doubt try to access it immediately.

3. WiZiWiG

Viewers can watch many number of sports free of cost. It is one of the best among various sports streaming sites. The categories like live sports, live TV, WiZiWiG radio, and other features are greatly supported by it. Also, games like Football, Baseball, Handball, volleyball, boxing, Tennis, Moto GP, and many more games are greatly involved in it.


It includes a perfect time zone and signs up to find out the exact time. Therefore, get access to the WiZiWiG site right now to watch all your favorite sports without making a second thought. In a short and simple way, one can say this site is the best sports streaming site available online.

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4. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is considered the best platform to watch all the sports online. Through this, one can watch so many games or sports online irrespective of place and time. Games like Football, Volleyball, Basketball, baseball, tennis, and much more can be accessed through it without facing any kind of issue.


That means total season coverage of all the available games can be accessed at any time. All this has come with an in-built search bar providing all your favorites instantly. Whatever work you have, you will be able to never miss watching your favorite sport if you have Stream2Watch sports streaming site.

5. Cricfree

Cricfree also comes under the best category of sports streaming sites available today. Also, there is a time zone feature available at the beginning of the site itself. Through this site, one can have a live chat option for learning more information it requires. You can use the opt hide chat option too without any fail.


Games like Volleyball, Baseball, Basket Ball, football, and much more are greatly accessed with it. No more interruptions or hurdles are faced when you are watching online. Therefore, if you are interested in it, choose this amazing sports streaming site right immediately and have fun accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the given information related to Atdhe and all the sports streaming sites were clear enough. Do you like to learn more about these sites? If yes, we are here to provide you them irrespective of time. Also, if you like the article, share it with all your friends and also through any of the social networking sites right away. Thank you. Stay connected with Tech 170 for more interesting sports streaming sites updated every day.

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WolowTube Alternatives: Best Sites Like WolowTube




WolowTube Alternatives: WolowTube is actually one of the topmost streaming sites comparatively. Most people show interest to watch a larger number of movies/ TV content through it in a more successful way. Also, it is considered as one of the highly preferred sites to watch all your favorite content irrespective of time and place.

Not only watching movies but also there is a chance to download any number of movies to watch later. No registration process is involved to access the content through WolowTube. Just simply by navigating to the respective site, start watching without making a second opinion.

WolowTube Alternatives

But, if in case of failure to find WolowTube’s official site, do not get disappointed. This site might be restricted or not allowed in your region. You can go for the other several alternative sites like WolowTube that greatly supports watching movies very well. As a result, we have come up with the best list of WolowTube alternatives provided here in a clear and better understandable format.

Top Wolowtube Alternatives Lists and Similar Sites

Below we have come up with the most famous or trending movie streaming sites in the form of bulleted lists. One can pick up and watch all their favorites without stepping back at these apps.

  • FMovies
  • Solarmovies
  • Putlockers
  • Los Movies
  • 123Movies

As discussed, let us look forward to the details involved in each and every WolowTube alternative provided here.

1. FMovies

FMovies is one of the most famous or trending sites providing ultimate access to watching all your favorites within a short time. One can watch them free of cost. No single penny is charged to access the content through FMovies. It has never compromised in terms of quality. Also, no more annoying ads involved in it.

Sites Like Wolowtube

Categories like the latest TV series, movies, requested movies, and genres like action, adventure, drama, and much more are greatly updated on the site every day. Just simply by picking up your favorite content, or navigating to one particular movie, tap on it and finally start watching and have fun accordingly.

2. Solarmovies

Solarmovies is similar to WolowTube in many aspects. Solarmovies provide ultimate access to several users. It is a simple, faster, and great place to watch any number of movies online for free. Top movies, TV series and much more are greatly available through it. Also, genres like action, drama, romance, and various others are provided with it.

Best Alternative Websites Like WolowTube

The site offers two options: either to watch a movie with 4 k or download without stepping back. Just simply tapping on one particular movie or TV series, then you can start watching and make a lot of fun successfully. Therefore, start navigating to the official site and access the content accordingly. This site is one of the best WolowTube alternatives.

3. Putlockers

Putlockers is one of the best movie streaming site that greatly provides access to watch all the favorite content in a more successful way. The site is totally filled with various movies, TV series, and the latest content updated on a daily basis. If you see, today millions of users are navigating to the Putlockers for watching all their favorites very well.

Similar Sites Like Wolowtube

Moreover, no single penny is charged to watch all the content through Putlockers. Genres like action-oriented, adventure, suspense thriller, and much more are updated successfully. Just simply by tapping on one particular movie or TV show, you can start watching and make fun all day.

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4. Los Movies

Los Movies is another most interesting movie streaming site that is greatly accessed by tons of single users even today. The user can watch any number of movies online for free. That means no single penny is charged to watch movies through it. Once after navigating to the official site, you can have a look at the alphabetical series.

WolowTube Alternatives 2021

Picking up one alphabet and tap on it to view all the movies/ TV series listed accordingly. Therefore, select and watch right away to make a lot of fun without stepping back. The most special thing apart from these is, it has never compromised in delivering content with high HD quality.

5. 123Movies

The most well known or trending movie streaming site is none other than 123Movies. It acts as the best alternative for the WolowTube providing all your favorite content without any fail. Users who are looking for the top sites go for this without making second thought.

Best Alternatives To WolowTube For Movie

This site comes with uploading mostly watched movies, TV series, latest movies, and much more with it. Therefore, just simply by clicking one particular movie/ TV content, the user is supposed to watch and make a lot of fun. Not only the categories but also has come with an in-built search bar to identify favorites in less time.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above list of top WolowTube alternatives was totally clear. People who are looking for the best movie streaming sites/ to watch all the favorite content got the perfect solution. As a result, if you like to have more WolowTube alternatives or for any doubts, simply drop a comment in the below rectangular section. Thank you. Therefore stay connected with Tech 170 for more interesting alternatives updated on a daily basis.

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