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How to Watch IPTV on Plex: A Complete Guide for 2021



IPTV is basically a plugin that allows us to get free channels installing content in our device through Plex Media. In this article, we’ll talk about installing two types of IPTV in the Plex media server. We will talk about installing M3U Player and Pre-Loaded player in the Plex media.

The M3U best player helps you to input the .m3u file or various URLs to stream contents in Plex media. The same goes for the Pre-Loaded player. It allows us to screen preloaded contents in the Plex media. We will definitely recommend you to use a VPN while watching the online streaming in the Plex media using this plugin.

how to watch iptv on plex

However, if you are not clear about installing the M3U IPTV plugin, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have provided a guide to install two types of IPTV in the Plex media on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Guide to Install M3U IPTV Plugin for Plex Media

Use the following steps to successfully install the M3U IPTV plugin for Plex media. Read the instructions carefully before installing it in your Plex media.

  • Install the Plex media in your device in case you are not having the Plex media. You can always download it by visiting this URL
  • Visit and download IPTV.
  • Now launch the Plex media application and go to the Channels section in it.

iptv on plex media

  • Next, you need to find the add-on section where you can locate the IPTV add-on.
  • Move the cursor over the IPTV add-on and find the gear icon to open settings.

m3u plugin for iptv

  • Click on the settings icon of the IPTV addon and access the various settings.
  • On the Playlist Settings, you will get to see the URL tab, paste the URL of any IPTV .m3u file in it.

m3u plugin iptv for plex media

  • In case no IPTV provider is present in your Plex media then you can always install the Necro IPTV in your Plex media.
  • There is another URL panel just below the playlist.m3u URL where you can paste any XMLTV or EPG URL to get the services in your Plex media.
  • After the above steps are completed you can click on the Save button to confirm it.
  • Now again click on the IPTV plugin and launch it in your Plex media.

launch iptv on plex media server

  • Now click on the view playlist section and we will get to see a list of TV channels.

iptv on plex media using m3u plugin

  • Click on any of those channels from the list and you will get to stream it on your TV using the Plex media.

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Guide to Install Pre-Loaded IPTV Player for Plex Media

Use the following steps to successfully Install a Pre-Loaded IPTV Player for Plex Media. Read the instructions carefully before applying them in the Plex media application.

  • In case if you are not having any IPTV providers then you can try the free plugins in your clicks media. Although the negative part about these free plugins is there is very little content available for streaming on your device.
  • Here, we are using “CCloud TV”. So, firstly download and install “CCloud TV”.
  • Now navigate to the Channels section on your Plex, and click on “CCloud TV”.

install preloaded iptv player

  • Next, once again open the “Channels” section.

preloader iptv player on plex media

  • You can use listview and page view options to view all the categories of the content. However, listview takes too much time to load in place of pageview.

preloaded iptv player

  • Now you get to see various categories of channels in the Plex media.
  • You can start streaming directly into your Plex TV using this plugin.
  • You can always use the bookmark option to bookmark a few contents in your Plex media for watching it later for faster browsing.

use preloaded iptv player

  • To use it you just need to copy the URL and go to the settings and paste it to access that particular m3u file in your plex media.

Note: Even though CCloud TV offers much more content along with the m3u file support, it crashes in the Plex media more than Cigaras IPTV plugin. In any case, you want the m3u file support plugin in your Plex media then we would definitely recommend you to use the Cigaras plugin over the CCloud TV plugin for Plex media.


We have collected various data about the Plex and different types of plugins from various corners of the internet and provided them in this article for you. We are also provided to separate guide for installing two types of plugins in Plex media. Share this article with other Plex media users so that they can also use these wonderful plugins in their Plex media. Stay tuned to Tech 170 for more interesting guides on technology.

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