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How to Delete an Apple ID {Step by Step Guide}



How to delete an Apple id: Today maintaining at least one Apple phone has become a passion for every individual. One can use various services like iCloud, Find my iPhone, iTunes, make a purchase through iPhone, download podcasts, and much more. If a person owns an Apple iPhone, then ultimately ends up with an Apple id and it consists of a single login, Apple ID followed by the various sites like,, or, and create the password more accurately.

Let us assume that you are aware of the personal Apple ID. But if the user is likely to change the Apple ID or adapting to how to delete the Apple id account? If you are also looking to delete your Apple id then here you go. Make a note as there is no official way for how to delete an apple id, but one can get the customer service department to do so.

delete an apple id

As they are unable to maintain various accounts, they started to choose an option for how to disable Apple id in different ways. One should be very careful as it shares the whole information with other services. So before doing so, one has to cross-check and do it in a correct way. Now let’s check the way to delete the Apple account.

3 Different Methods for How To Delete an Apple ID Account

In order to delete an Apple id, one has to remove the associated email address from the official site. Thereafter,  generate the security PIN available in security. One has to find the Apple ID account security number and call the appropriate support number in order to explain as you are likely to delete the Apple account without any other thought.

There are numerous ways in order to delete the Apple id account without any fail. One can permanently delete an Apple id or else can choose in Securing a Dormant Account and the other way is to deactivate the Apple id successfully. We provide the step-by-step process in a more understandable format here so that one can choose the way as per user choice and can get succeed in deleting an Apple ID. One can access it for free and make an attempt with no doubt.

Permanently Delete Your Apple Account

The following are the three different methods involved in how to delete Apple id provided in a more understandable format. One can take a look and follow any of the methods. So what are you looking for? There we go for choosing the easiest and fastest method in a more successful way.

How to Delete Apple Account Permanently

We here provide the best steps involved in closing the account permanently. One can say it is the simplest method and assures that no issues get encountered in the middle of the process. To get a more clear understanding of the process, check the below steps.

how to delete an apple id account

  • In the very first step, one has to ensure that they are likely to delete the account permanently or not.
  • Then go here and delete the associated email address.
  • One has to generate a security PIN.
  • The very next step one has to follow is back up the entire files or the emails that they want to save.
  • Now, find the Apple ID account security number without any fail.
  • Finally, one should call the appropriate support number and explain it in such a way as the ID should get deleted permanently.

How To Secure the Dormant Account

The following are the different steps involved in order to secure the dormant account. One can access it for free and can choose to perform optimally.

can you delete an apple id

  • Firstly, one has to remove the Apple ID from iTunes on the system.
  • Thereafter remove Apple ID from the iOS with no fail.
  • Log in to the official site with the Apple ID.
  • Change the personal information that has been generated previously.
  • One has to delete the payment information also.
  • Change the Apple Id email account without any fail.
  • Finally, one has to sign out from the account.

How to Disable the iMessage

You can disable the iMessage by following these steps provided in a more understandable format. One can get access for free and do so. It is the simple and fastest method for disabling the iMessage.

Disable iMessage on the iPhone

  • First, go to the settings and then click on iMessage.
  • You will see the above Image.
  • Just turn it off by clicking on the button shown above.
  • That’s it. It is quite a simple and easiest way to do it.


At last, we are here to provide the steps for how to disable apple id or how to deactivate apple id
in three different ways. One can access the tutorial for free. If you have any doubts comment on the below section. If you like the article can share it on social networking sites. For more information, and to get more useful posts, visit our website Tech 170.

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