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Hotspot Shield Alternatives and Similar Software {Latest List}



Want to know about the best hotspot shield alternatives which may provide you simple access for the blocked websites. If you are searching for a website that is blocked you can use the hotspot shield alternatives and access those websites for free. You can use this VPN on your chrome and try to access unlimited websites.

Hotspot Shield is a VPN provider that is very famous and used for unlocking blocked sites. In many countries where Youtube and Facebook are blocked, you can use Hotspot Shield to change your IP so that you can get access to those blocked sites.

Hotspot Shield Alternatives

Though Hotspot Shield is very popular in many countries, still people are facing many problems like slow Internet speed and also some other app issues that are there which is hampering its usage in other parts of the world. So for them, we are providing the top hotspot shield-like software that will work as the VPN’s.

Hotspot Shield Alternatives & Similar Softwares

You must have searched for sites like hotspot Shield and software like hotspot Shield on Google but unfortunately, you did not get good results. But don’t worry as in the latter part of the article, you will get to know about some good hotspot Shield alternatives.

1. IPVanish

It is one of the best software like a hotspot shield and you can even get your money back if in 7 days you faced some issue. As speed issue was there in the hotspot, IPVanish is devoid of such issues. You will fall in love with it when you actually feel that there isn’t any loss in the speed of your browser. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. You don’t have to worry about data usage limitations as you can surf and download unlimited data. It is 256-bit AES encrypted VPN so you need not worry about security issues. Even you can download torrents anonymously and still won’t get any speed reduction.


Your privacy is their foremost concern. They won’t maintain any traffic log so you need not worry that browser history is captured somewhere. If you are thinking that if some issue will pop up then who is going to support you. They have their 24 by 7 support system and you can buy it through many platforms like PayPal, VISA, American Express, and others. In total it is a very good VPN which I would advise everyone who is looking for an alternative to Hotspot shield.

2. Cyber Ghost VPN

It is free software like hotspot Shield alternative and a great hotspot alternative too. You can easily access blocked sites. This is compatible with almost all platforms with it be Windows, Android, and iOS. It will hide your IP address and you can browse easily without any fall in speed. Your browsing history will not be captured so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. It is 256 bit AES encrypted.


Its other paid packages are also reasonable which gives other features along with IP change. You can also go for this VPN if you need a low-cost VPN and it is definitely going to help you a lot and without any speed drop in your browser. This is the best part of the Cyber Ghost VPN.

3. Tunnel Bear

It has a very good interface and is one of the good applications like hotspot Shield but along with it, it is cheaper than other variants of the same genre. But in its data usage is limited and if you are a freebie then you limit it if 500 MB/month while if you have a subscribed user then you will get an extra 1 GB. Even you can get the unlimited package but, you have to pay more bucks like 3.33$ per month and 39.99$ per year.


You can buy its subscription using many platforms like VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. It provides an amazing browsing experience without any need to worry about data history being recorded. It can be used on about 5 devices simultaneously. You will even get 24/7 support and this is the reason why it is loved so much.

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4. Hide my ass(HMA)

It is a superb VPN provider and is really one of the programs like Hotspot Shield. It offers many services like IP Port proxies, privacy software, and file uploading from many services. It has simple as well as premium packages. The premium package will cost you $11.52/month to $78.66/year.


Here you will get unlimited data transfer. There are about 12 lakh IP addresses for hiding your IP. It is available for almost all platforms either it is Windows, Android, or iOS. This is also a good VPN provider just like Hotspot Shield.

5. Ultra Surf

Ultra Surf was founded in 2001 and is a really good hotspot shield similar to the others defined above. It is very secure and will provide you the full proof of privacy. It is just available for Windows users. A Mac version is still under development and is yet to come. For the first 30 days, they will record your browsing history so that they can improve their service for you.


It is free and very fast so you would be able to access the browser without any drop in speed. It is encrypted and very light software so your device won’t hang after installing it. So, you can definitely go for this software if you are looking for software that is better than hotspot Shield.


We hope after looking at the Hotspot Shield alternatives, you have got a major insight into all the VPN like hotspot shield and you must be aware of the VPN provider which is good to use. Use these apps and hide your IP address while using blocked websites. Also, visit our website Tech 170 for more information. Stay tuned and follow for regular guides and tutorials.

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How to

Download Cisco Packet Tracer Latest Version [7.3.1] – Download Previous Versions Also.




Cisco packet tracer: It is known to be started in the year 1997. Cisco Network Academy is basically considered as an IT, Networking skills, and career-building program meant for tons of learning institutions all over the world. It allows the various individuals to newly experiment and ask what if queries accordingly.

However, the Cisco packet tracer provides simulation, authoring, assessment, teaching, and learning of complex technology concepts and much more accordingly. In other words, these are considered real-life networking problems. Works with various protocols including DCHP, SMPT, POP3, FTP, Telnet, and many more.

Cisco Packet Tracer

It is one of the tools that support greatly to achieve various functions when working on a respective network. It is licensed for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Operating systems with no disturbances or restrictions accordingly. Therefore download the software which is compatible enough for your device and make use of it right now successfully.

About Cisco Packet Tracer

Recently Cisco has come with the Packet Tracer in order to help Networking Academy students without stepping back. It has released a Cisco packet tracer 7.1 download version for all the users introducing new and advanced features through the respective software. However, one can achieve an optimal learning experience at the time of gaining technological skills very fast.


Usually, the packet tracer is considered as the best platform inspiring a lot of students to experiment new and in an innovative manner. It also helps the students by creating a network in the classroom involving an infinite number of devices, discovery, and troubleshooting respectively. Let us be the one among accessing Cisco packet tracer to a greater extent.


  • One can add various tables and rack very quickly.
  • It allows the various scope of alternatives implemented for both rack and stack issues.
  • Supports the MQIT protocol.
  • The installation and un-installation process is very much easy.

cisco packet tracer uses

  • All the projects can be saved in a .pkg format.
  • Helps in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a more successful way.
  • Tables and rack can be added very quickly.

How to Download Cisco Packet Tracer

The Cisco packet tracer 7.1 download is the latest version that greatly fixes various bugs that were identified in the earlier version respectively. As a result, follow the below steps to get Cisco packet tracer free download without any fail. Follow the steps accordingly to get the software and make use of it successfully.

  • Download the Cisco packet tracer and wait for a while to complete the whole installation process.
Download Cisco Packet Tracer for Windows Download Cisco Packet Tracer for Mac
  • Once the file gets downloaded, run the installer and follow all the on-screen instructions accordingly.
  • Open the file and log in to the respective Cisco Networking Academy account with no second thought. If you don’t have an account, you also have a chance to log in as a guest.
  • After the successful installation process, it automatically redirects to the main or home window.

download cisco packet tracer for windows

  • Now, all set to access from the top-bar, left-hand bar, and bottom bar respectively.
  • As a result, you are ready to access on the basis of your schedule/ whenever it is necessary.

System Requirements For Cisco Packet Tracer

Here are some of the system requirements for the Cisco packet tracer that you can check and then start downloading. If you have any other compatibility issues you can simply check with us from here.

To get Cisco packet tracer download, the user must and should check compatibility status or minimum requirements provided in the form of below bullet lists.

  • A minimum of 1024 x 768 is compatible enough for the screen resolution.
  • Must and should have a free storage space of about 700 MB.
  • 4 GB RAM is suggestible to get this respective software. For this, 2 GB is much suitable.
  • Pentium 4(25 GHz) is well supportable.
  • Supported by Windows 7/8.1/10 and Linux Ubuntu about 14.04 64-bits are very much compatible.
  • It is very much important to maintain the respective sound card in the system.

Uses of Cisco Packet Tracer

  • This basically supports multiple plugins and an extended API framework in order to work.
  • Also, compatible enough supporting various protocols of all the technologies introduces by Cisco CCNA security and other IT essential resources respectively.

Uses Of Cisco Packet Tracker

  • The user has a great chance to learn all the valuable experiences that were applied in real-time projects and its problems very well.
  • However, multi-user collaboration will help especially to improve all the skills in a more perfect way.
  • Through the activity wizard, you can get absolute real-time feedback for creating various experiences.
  • Monitoring real-life dynamic data transfers, packet transfers, logistics, and much more were greatly possible.

Additional Information

Some of the additional information about the Cisco packet is provided below. Before going to enhance it, you can see the downloads that can be existed from the various network. Have control of this and get this on your device.

  • Design, build, and configure the various networks through drag and drop devices.
  • Supports multiple technologies provided in various Networking Academy courses.
  • One can add the instructional text for all the students as well as grading and real-time feedback accordingly. Also, provides an infinite number of learning experiences.
  • All the activities can be easily saved and shared in the respective Academy community.
  • Great opportunities especially for sharing, best practices, and others without fail.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and competition for dynamic learning are very much applicable.
  • Authorization and localization of all the activities like labs, demonstrations, exams, and remote instructor-student interactions, games, and much more are greatly available.
  • Enhancing packet tracer, which in turn adds to the respective curriculum and assessment delivery, games, accessibility, and interfacing with real-time equipment is excellently supported.


Therefore, follow the steps accordingly to download Cisco packet tracer, either for mac or windows in a more perfect way. If you like the article, share it with friends, also on social networking sites irrespective of time. Moreover, for any doubts, simply drop a comment in the below rectangular box. We will reach you in a short time for clearing out all your doubts by providing perfect solutions to them. Thank you and stay in touch with Tech 170 for more learning and interesting tutorials.

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Best Antivirus for Mac 2021: Updated List With Latest Antivirus




Best Antivirus for Mac: Mac computers are not having much user base compared to Windows operating systems. Therefore, most of the viruses and malware do not tend to target the Mac Operating System. Although that does not mean that Mac computer will not be attacked by any virus on malware, as there are several types of malware virus is available on the internet which may do harm to your computer. The best way to you protect your Mac computer is by installing antivirus in your system and protect your PC from an imminent attack.

Most of the PC users usually do not update their operating system which provides various security patches. The work of the security patches is to protect your device from getting attacked by all the known and unknown types of viruses and malware. There are lots of antiviruses available in the market to choose from. But not all of them will exceed your expectation.

Best Antivirus for Mac

In case you do not use the internet on your computer then you can use the normal version of the antivirus, and internet securities are targeted for protecting the devices which use internet connection. In this article, we will talk about a few of those antiviruses which can protect your computer from all threats. Follow the complete guide for the best antivirus for mac.

Requirements of Antivirus on Mac Computers

If you are on a computer or even you have purchased a new computer, then you should know that Apple claims Mac as the most secure computer without any requirement of protection. Although Mac computers are more secure compared to Windows laptops. As Mac computer is running all Unix based operating system so basically, it is Sandboxed. Even if any threats attacks happened on mac computers, It can be prevented and it does not provide any major harm to your system.

Another main reason for the Mac computer to risked as list attacks because Mac computers are having a less user base than the Windows operating system. Even after all these scenarios, cyber threats can happen to your Mac computer and it’s also likely to get attacked by viruses and malware. Show the best way we can keep our make computer safe and secure is by protecting it using the below-listed antivirus software.

Best Antivirus for Mac 2021: Best Virus Protection for Mac

These are the best antivirus you can find for your Mac computer. Read the complete details of antiviruses before installing and using them on your Mac computer.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is one of the famous names for protecting your computer against viruses and malware in both Mac and Windows PC. This antivirus is one of the highest-rated software reviewed by various users around the globe. This antivirus accurately scans and catch all the viruses present in your Mac computer. One of the latest additions of this antivirus is the protection against ransomware, various other latest threats.

best virus protection for mac

Bitdefender also provides a plugin for the Safari browser in Mac which blocks almost each and every fishing atoms in your device along with other online threats. It is priced around $40, depending on which package you are choosing for your Mac laptop. Bitdefender also offers you 30 days free trial before you can actually purchase the full version.

2. Norton Security

Norton Security is another one to name which provides complete security against all the threats in your computer. This Norton Security can scan and catch each & every threat available in your device within a few minutes. It is one of the highly recommended antivirus software available for computers in both Mac and Windows PC. Just like Bitdefender, Norton Security also offers you plugins for the Safari browser to protect your computer against all online threats.

best mac antivirus

Norton Security plugin also protects you from all the risky websites and blocks them. It also has an auto-scan feature which you can change from the settings. Norton security is priced around $70, and openly offered videos discount by the company. We would definitely recommend you to use Norton security antivirus on your Mac Laptop.

3. Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus is used by most Mac users, as it is having two separate versions for protection in your Mac’s. Mostly the free versions of the Avira Antivirus are used by many users. In case you want to upgrade from the free version to the premium version, you can always buy the license which is priced around $45. Avira Antivirus is one of the antiviruses which can successfully scan and eliminate all the viruses and malware in your mac system.

best antivirus software for mac

Full scan feature in the Avira Antivirus takes more time compared to do any other antivirus available in the market. This antivirus is rated one of the best according to both features and performance. One of the important things about the Avira Antivirus is that the premium license offers Internet Security for five devices.

4. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is a good option to be chosen for your Mac computer. Although Kaspersky internet security is the slowest antivirus in terms of scanning for viruses in your entire system. It takes too much time for eliminating those threats on your PC.

best free antivirus for mac

In case you mostly do online work, which includes online payments. Then we will definitely recommend you to use Kaspersky Internet Security for your Mac laptop. Kaspersky Internet Security can be purchased online or offline, and it is priced around $35.

Wrapping Things Up:

Antiviruses are most needed in your devices for protection against various online threats. Although most of the devices provide inbuilt antiviruses that claim to provide security to your devices. In this article, we have gathered various information about the antivirus for Mac computer and listed the best ones for you. We have also explained the reasons for using an antivirus on your Mac. Share this article with other Mac computer users, so that they can also use this antivirus for protecting their device. Stay tuned to Tech 170 for more informative & step by step guides.

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