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How to Get Clubhouse App Invite? {Step by Step Explained}



How to Get Clubhouse App Invite? Did you ever hear about the new social app called Clubhouse? Likely to invite more friends into this amazing social app? Well, here are certain methods. But before we learn about these methods, let’s take a brief note of the Clubhouse app.

Well, this is the audio-chat social networking application. Introduced in the year 2020. Considered the best platform which takes the responsibility to connect people every time. By taking the help of this application, one can build the community, create communication with everybody and many more can be done with this application.

How to Get Clubhouse App Invite


Hence, in order to Get Clubhouse App Invite easily, any of your known people must be on the Clubhouse app.  So that he/ she can easily send the Clubhouse App to invite online. Anyhow, let us learn how to get Clubhouse app invite now in terms of simple methods.

How to Get Clubhouse App Invite? – 4 Working Ways

There are several methods available which you have to go through. Because through these methods you can easily get the Clubhouse App to invite for free and at the same time easily. So, are you ready to learn? If yes, without wasting our valuable time, let’s go through these details.

Sign up to Join Waitlist

Follow the below instructions to sign up and to join the Clubhouse Waitlist today. But before we learn the process to join the waitlist, make sure you are an iOS user. Because this app is completely meant for iOS. Hence let’s start with the steps for how to get clubhouse app invite for free and easily.

  • The very first, you are requested to visit the official JoinClubhouse website.
  • Or else just and copy and paste this link directly into your web browser’s search bar. Tap on the key enter.

clubhouse app invite

  • Directly you may not able to join the waitlist. But yes to sign up, one must download the app.
  • Through this official website, you are navigated to the App store where the app is available.

steps to get Clubhouse App Invite

  • Just click on install and wait till the entire installation gets done.
  • Once the installation process is successfully done, unfortunately, you are nobody to access the app immediately.
  • All the app requires you to join at the waitlist and you need to wait for a while to get exclusive access with this wonderful app.

How to Get Clubhouse App Invite through Social Media 

This is another method of getting invited to the clubhouse app for free without facing even a single difficulty. Using either of the social media account like Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ any. Once you open your account, create a post and you are requested to use #Clubhouse or tag clubhouse.

get invite on clubhouse app

By doing so you are going to get the various other users who are currently using the Clubhouse app. Once they see your request, have a chance to get an invite from her/him. If you are a celebrity or somehow popular, it is too easy to get invited to the clubhouse app.

The Invite-Only Method

This is very much similar to the above method. You need to start doing a little background work and try to get in contact with other people who are on other numerous platforms.

Purchase From the Trusted Service

Among all these four, it is better if you purchase through a trusted service available online. One such wonderful service available even now is exclusive with the supported online live chat thereby placing orders around many within 30Min-4Hours.

How do Manage the Invitations at the Clubhouse?

If you have already an invitation and likely to manage the invitations in the clubhouse, below are some possible ways that may help you manage invitations in the clubhouse successfully.

Clubhouse Invite through Email

If you like to invite through the Email, follow the below instructions now.

  • Enter the registered email id of whom you are likely to invite.
  • Pick the role for which you likely to invite. Either owner/ admin/ member/ observer.
  • Now do perform a click on send invitations.

Clubhouse Invite through an Invitation link

Creating the link and inviting your known or Clubhouse as an admin or member can be done quickly and easily. To do so, you need to click on create a button so that can easily generate the new invitation link. All the other people join the clubhouse by taking the help of this new unique invitation link as a member. Thereby can adjust the roles as per your need or requirement.

Also, at the same time, the invitation links can be disabled or disclosed irrespective of time by tapping on the disable invitation link trash icon. After the successful deletion, you can create new invitation links back again anytime successfully.

Invite through the Google Contacts

Inviting all your people through Google Contacts is also greatly possible. The only thing you have to do is select the Google contacts which you really like to add to the Clubhouse. Hence to make all this possible, follow the below simple steps.

clubhouse app invite 2021

  • Tap on the button called invite from Google contacts.
  • Do not forget to authorize by the Google

So that the Clubhouse displays the Google contacts lists which you can add to the clubhouse successfully. One more thing you need to make sure of is the Clubhouse does not maintain the contacts relates information permanently. You can refresh by clicking on the refresh button. So, therefore, select the user and select the role you would like to invite.

Re-sending the invitations

In case if a member or team member failed to receive the initial invitation, you have a chance to resend it by following the below path.

Go to settings-> workspace settings-> invite new users and finally tap on the recycle icon to resent the invitation link towards the corresponding user or team member.

If you try to resend the link within 24 hours, then the clubhouse alerts you for not sending the invite link.

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Deleting the invitations

Usually, the unused invitations are calculated by the billable users. So, therefore, you are requested to verify the user directory and thereby invite the new users one by one. In order to delete the unused invitations, follow the below path.

  • Go to the option called settings-> workspace settings-> thereby user directories.
  • Tap on the trash icon to delete the invitations.

This way you can easily delete the unused invitations successfully.

About Clubhouse App

The Clubhouse is actually introduced in the year 2020 at the beta stage. All this takes the responsibility to connect the people together by establishing a communication medium and thereby create chat rooms. These rooms are comprised of both speaker and audience. The speaker or owner is going to communicate with the people and send the invitation links to the people who are absolutely needed. Best suitable for workspace. Few of the chat rooms also allow the members to gave group chat anytime.

clubhouse app iphone

So, basically, this is called for a voice chat app and also called a social media app but not a communication app. Therefore, you will be able to find or identify the people who are already in the clubhouse app. The only thing is the app is at the beta stage and the invite-only option is currently available. Only a limited number of people can connect and form a group at the clubhouse app. Best platform and best for workspace too.

How to use the Clubhouse app

The Clubhouse app can be used by Apple users. Because it is exclusively to the famous people like celebrities or well-known personalities who can use this application. It is a bit difficult to other people to join as a member at the clubhouse app.

get clubhouse app iphone

However, you need several things to have and establish communication through creating the chat rooms. We have to come up with iPhone, internet connection is compulsory, establishing connections by inviting the people. These are the certain things you need to think over before trying to get and using the application.


According to my opinion, the information shared here might help you. For more doubts or to learn more interesting things, be in touch with us at tech 170 so that you may learn many more interesting new things that might help in someway further successfully.

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