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Best Evite Alternatives – Sites like Evite for Event Planning (Invite Online)



Best Evite Alternatives: Evite is a site for planning events and online invitations. You can design your own e-invitations and with the help of Evite, you can even send them to multiple recipients at the same time. It has a very simple interface on which you can design the invitation cards. This card which you will be designing is known as Evite and that’s why the site’s name is known by the name Evite.

With the help of Evite, you can enhance your creative skills and you can think something out of the box. Not only these,  but you will also get some amazing party ideas on your Android devices. These ideas will help you a lot in planning your event in an awesome way.

Elite Alternatives

But these days due to advertisements, customers are reporting having a bad site experience. Not only this but also the process is a bit slow on Evite. So, there is a need to know about some good Evite alternative apps. So now let us look at some good sites similar to Evite which are really going to give it tough competition in the near future. Here we go to know about the best alternatives to Evite.

Top 5 Evite Alternatives

Check the top 5 Evite alternatives from here which are the best and the latest Evite alternatives. Our team has researched and listed out these best alternatives to Evite.


It is a site that will help you plan the event in a very interesting way. Starting from designing an invitation card to planning, it does all for you. Its interface is very user-friendly so you won’t get much difficulty while using it. It will ask you some questions like what party all about is and how many guests are going to come? So based on these kinds of questions it will suggest to you the best party ideas. It has awesome designs while crafting an invitation card. You can also embed cartoons and other pictures into your invitation card.


This will make it much more impressive. When the guests will get these cards they will never feel devoid of paper cards. You can even send these cards to friends through other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. There are other options available like the polling option in which you can poll for the number of guests who will be actually arriving at the party. This will help us in making good arrangements. If you really want to experience a site that is better than Evite then just go for Punchbowl. You will never regret your decision.

Celebrations PINGG

It is also an online event planner. You can use Pingg to invite your guests to the party. For designing your card you have to choose one template which matches the occasion. After crafting an invitation, you can invite your guests through email or you can invite them through some social networking sites. You can search for the latest designs and also you can look for famous parties happening all over the world. This will give you a proper idea about how should you plan your party.


Its interface is also very great and you get almost all things clubbed on a single page so that you don’t need to waste your time scrabbling for things. So you can just go to this site. It is really good.

Facebook Event

Facebook is now used by almost 75% of the world population. It is a website having so many people that you rarely need to send an invitation by just remembering the names. Facebook also provides you with a feature to plan your event. On Facebook, you can create an event and then enter the details of the event. Then you can select the friends which you want to invite to the party. This event can be made public and private as well.


If made private then only your friends will get to know about the event. Your friends will get notifications that they got an invite from you. Then you can even post on the News Feed. You can also send the same invitation link to other friends over email. Isn’t it exciting? You must go in this way if you are not good at Evite.

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Purple Trail

It is such an amazing Evite alternative that you can express all your creativity in a single place. You can not only choose the best template for your card but also can embed your message and pictures. Not only this but you can also create some beautiful envelopes in which your virtual invitation card will be placed.


You can even create party banners to give a Royal look to your party. You can also include your own-made stamps on the cards. It is really exciting. You can also get some cool party ideas with the help of Purple Trail. In fact, you can print your cards and Purple Trail will get them delivered to you in just a few bucks. So what else we need?

Smile Box

It is also one of the good sites to plan your event. You can add music to your card and not only can this you can embed some good animations into your card. You can also add collages to it. The experience which you get in designing your invite card is just awesome and is outstanding as compared to other online event planners.


When you are done making your invitation card you can send the invitation through email. Also, you can send the schedule to make the guests remember the event. The invites can be shared through other social networking sites also. It is really a great site that will make your guests smile when they will be receiving the invitation card from it.

So now we have looked at 5 amazing online event planners. These will make our event successful. You can select the best cards which you have never thought of. Then you can instantly send them to your guests. They will be really happy after getting those invites. Now we will be looking at 5 of these alternatives for Evite that can help you in planning an event in a unique way.


So now we have looked at all the great online invitation sites which are great Evite alternatives. In fact, the features which they are providing are just awesome. They all are free but yes, you need to pay for some extra features. So don’t waste time, go to these websites and make a great party this year. Visit Tech 170 for more information & the best guides on the internet.

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