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Fix Discord Keeps Disconnecting & Reconnecting Issue {Best Ways}



Discord Keeps Disconnecting: Well, many people tired enough to identify or locate the appropriate solution for the error discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Yes, there is no perfect solution to fix it but some of the fixes greatly helped to resolve the issue in a short span of time. Anyhow, the fixes were shared below.

Before learning the fixes, what exactly the discord is? This is the American VoIP, also considered as a digital distribution platform to create the communities very well. Users take the help of the discord app and communicate either through video calls/ voice calls/ media and files/ text messaging and many more.

Discord Keeps Disconnecting

This might be introduced in the year 2015 but within these years, had become popular without facing any trouble. But recently, we had come up listening that users are facing an issue called discord that keeps disconnecting continuously. Hence in order to fix it, let us go and learn some fixes shared just below.

Discord Keeps Disconnecting!!! How to fix It?

Generally, the troubleshooting issues were comprised of four different parts. You can try one by one to fix the bug or common issue discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting successfully. Anyhow, let us go through the details now shared just below without wasting our valuable time.

A. Discord: Server settings

You can try accessing these server settings to fix the issue without any fail. Let’s go through the details or information shared over here.

Change or Modify the server Region

discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

The server you are using is in a busy state, then there is a possibility of not providing the room for the channel you like to access. In that case, you need to shift to another server so that can fix the error discord keeps disconnecting me very easily.

Check the Server’s AFK timeout status

discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

Generally, the Discord automatically sets the AFK timeout to around 1 minute. By which sometimes, automatically the discord keeps disconnecting. If you increase the AFK timeout status, then there is a possibility to overcome the issue discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting successfully.

B. Discord: User Settings

While getting back over here, if you observe you can notice the cogwheel available in terms of the icon which is none other than the user settings. Open it and try fixing the bug discord keeps disconnecting me by following the below solutions now.

Try to disable the one and only voice quality of service.

fix discord keeps disconnecting me

The main motive of Qos (Quality of service) is to provide high and great quality video. you need to disable this feature to overcome the problem discord keeps disconnecting me successfully.

Change the option at an audio subsystem called standard to legacy.

fix discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

One more technique to overcome the problem is changing the option called standard to the legacy which is present under the audio subsystem.

Clear the block list.

You also need to check and clear the blocklists. Because the more you block, the greater amount of data is stored in the Discord resulting in this corresponding error. Hence it is important to clear the block list on time is going to help in a greater way.

Report to the Discord Staff or support team to fix the issue.

Well, to do this, you need to provide certain details which are however listed below. Once the details were perfectly gathered, you can send or forward them to the support team to fix the issue successfully.

  • Developer tools
  • Voice debug panel
  • Direct X Diagnostics

To send these three again I request to perform certain steps under each category which is shared below very clearly.

Developer tools
  • Tap on Ctril+shift+i to open the developer’s window.
  • Click on the console tab.
  • Take a screenshot of it.
Voice debug panel
  • Connect the voice channel.
  • Try to pull the voice information tab on the screen.
  • Click on debug.
  • Take a screenshot of it.
Direct X Diagnostics
  • Go to start-> type run as a command and click the key enter.
  • You are requested to type the command as dxdiag and click ok.
  • Wait for a while and therefore you see the required amount of information displayed on the screen.
  • Take a screenshot of it.

Noting down all this information and taking screenshots will help you in providing the same to the support team. Within a while, they analyze and consult you to fix the issue successfully.

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Modify or Change or Verify the Network Settings

While getting back towards the Network settings, sometimes the internal problems related to the network settings at your PC also cause or results in this issue. In order to fix it, you need to perform the below actions.

  • Try to verify the internet connection and its speed.
  • Edit the DNS server.
  • Disable the VPN.
  • Clear the cache and reset the IP settings.

Modify or Change or Verify the General Settings

To fix the discord that keeps disconnecting, you need to perform certain actions that are however shared just below.

  • Restart the device.
  • Update the available network drivers.
  • Try to clear the cache.
  • Use the different and supportable web browser.
  • Make sure the device you are using to access the Discord is fully charged.

Trying these fixes greatly helps you to come out from the problem very well.

Final Words

I hope the fixes shared above helped you in fixing the bug called discord that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. If in case of any doubts, you can mention the below comment box. As soon as we see, we will help and explain you in simple and understandable words. Stay connected with tech 170 for learning more interesting tutorials that are going to be shared over here.

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