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How to Delete Snapchat Account Permanently Or How to Deactivate it?



Do you want to know how to delete Snapchat Account? Before moving to the process, ask yourself why you think about removing the Snapchat account? Or else if you got an issue and are confused about whether to delete or not at this moment? Due to whatever reason, if you want to delete your Snapchat account, then we are here to help you. Deleting Snapchat accounts can be done in two different ways.

First, deactivate for a while and reactivate when you like to access it. Secondly deleting the Snapchat account permanently. The decision is all yours. Usually, this situation arises especially when a person is completely addicted to it. In most cases this is true. If the reason behind it is privacy, remember whatever snaps you post will remain and disappear after a while.

Delete Snapchat

So no security issues with it. If you really think about reactivating all your accounts, there is a 30-days period remaining once after deactivating the account accordingly. Therefore, you can get back to your account irrespective of time on all the 30-days periods respectively. Let us now go through all the methods provided step by step.

Privacy Policies

Before getting involved in all these processes, it is important to learn the Snapchat privacy policies which are mentioned below. And what not!!!! Snapchat takes responsibility for gathering certain information such as:

  • Details you provide while creating an account.
  • The information that is collected when you used Snapchat.
  • Also information from all the third parties.

Any user might have a doubt related to this. What Snapchat does with all this particular content? Well, let me tell you. Snapchat uses all the information in order to personalize all your experience and target certain ads accordingly. Either of any content you share is completely used for commercial and promotional purposes respectively. That’s all!!!! Even you can know more about ways to use Snapchat Filters & enjoy using them.

How to Delete Snapchat Account {Latest Methods}

Below we have come with two different methods involved in the process of how to delete the Snapchat account. These steps are provided for a clear and better understanding for you.

  • The Process to Delete Snapchat account.
  • How to Reactivate the Snapchat account
  • Steps to Take Before Deleting Snapchat account.

Let us look forward step by step and implement accordingly.

The Process to Delete Snapchat Account

Follow the instructions provided here step by step. So that one can deactivate for a while and then if you like, reactivate it again irrespective of time.

  • First and foremost, go to the respective accounts portal and provide all the required credentials that you are asked to login into your Snapchat account.

how to deactivate my account on snapchat

  • Now, deactivate your account and leave the portal.
  • Initially, it deactivates your account for a period of about 30days. Once after the completion of the period if you still do not reactivate, it gets permanently deleted without any fail.
  • This means the account, friends list, snaps, many more things available in the main database are completely vanished out.

How to Reactivate the Snapchat Account

In order to reactivate all your accounts within 30 days period, here we go. Follow the below instructions provided in a clear and better understandable format.

  • The process is very simple for that! The only necessary thing you have to do is, log in to your account with the respective credentials within the 30-day period of deactivating the particular account.

delete your snapchat account

  • Also remember when your account has been deactivated, one can log in further only by using his/her username and password. Not with the help of the email address provided at the beginning for the successful login.
  • Also, there is no scope for changing the password once the account is deactivated.

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Steps to Take Before Deleting Snapchat Account

Firstly, make sure whether you are ready to delete the account without stepping back. If confused, clear it first. This is because the process takes at least 1 month in order to delete the respective Snapchat account. It doesn’t mean, one cannot reactivate. They can reactivate within 30 days as discussed above.

As per the company norms or policies, once the account is deactivated no person can see or interact with you through Snapchat. And after 30 days period, the account is permanently deleted which cannot be retrieved back at any cost.

Data like login history, account information, Snap history, profile data, and many other things can be downloaded before deactivating or deleting your particular account. To do so, here is the process.

  • In the first step, visit the Snapchat account’s site and enter all the required details.

how to delete snapchat account

  • Perform a click on my data and then submit a request.

how to permanently delete your snapchat account

  • Doing so the Snapchat email you link after the whole process gets completed. Follow accordingly by tapping on that particular link.


Well, the steps enclosed in a method provided here were very much clear and understandable. If you want to delete your Snapchat account or deactivate it, follow all the instructions right away and do accordingly. If any doubts regarding the process, or like to have any help/ support from us, comment down in the below section. Thank you. Stay connected with Tech 170 for more interesting and useful tutorials.

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