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How to Delete Shopify Account? Pause, Delete or Deactivate Shopify



If you want to Pause or Delete Shopify Account and then create a new one, you will have to stop or cancel the Shopify subscription. To do this, there are different solutions to stop the subscription on Shopify. This will only be part of the discount before your next online store!

If you are searching for how to delete a Shopify account or store then you are at the right place to know how to delete it easily. We have explained the complete details in doing it.

How to Delete Shopify Account

Even we have shown different methods like Deleting Shopify account, deactivating the Shopify store, and few other methods. You can explore the methods and choose the one which you like the most according to the options. Let’s check them now.

How To Delete Shopify Account

You can easily Delete Shopify Account whenever you want. It is up to your choice if you want to temporarily delete it or want to get rid of it completely. Either way, you can do it without worries.

Suspend & Pause My Shopify Subscription without Deleting My Shop

Do you want to take a break from your store and don’t want to delete it completely and resume it later? It’s a funny idea but why not! You can completely suspend your Shopify subscription to leave your shop and not lose the data, but you will not be able to modify anything.

By doing this, you will have a reduced rate, a new subscription that will allow you to spend less and keep your store on stand-by. You can then at any time resume your old subscription to restart your shop.

To do this,

  • Go to the settings (settings) of the administrator interface
  • Then click on the account and go down to the bottom
  • Click on suspend your Shopify store (pause it).

How to Delete Shopify Store

So this is how you can pause your Shopify account.

Delete My Shop & Stop Dropshipping

If you want to permanently delete your Shopify store and do away with the subscription of the shop and its applications that come from the Shopify app store, you must click on the “Close store” option to close the store. Be careful, if you do this, you will delete all the information from your store and it will no longer be recoverable.

I advise you to :

  • Back up your customer base and verify that you have honored all orders and captured all payments, be in good standing.
  • Save all invoices.
  • Transfer your Shopify domain name to recover and resell it if necessary.
  • Keep a screenshot of the data to help you improve, remember your successes and failures.
  • Once you’re ready, you can delete your Shopify store and get started creating a new one online.

Shopify Account Deletion

Just follow according to these steps provided above to Delete Shopify Account & Store. If you have any issues just mention them in the comment box below.

We have even covered a topic on Shopify about Deleting Powered by Shopify footer credit. You can even have a look at that guide to know how to remove it.

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How to Stop the Subscription of Shopify Application?

It will all depend on whether you have used an internal application in the Shopify app store or installed an external application, and whether the latter activate their services outside of Shopify, which is rather complicated.

Here is what I recommend you do:

  • Write down the Shopify apps you have installed.
  • Remove all Shopify apps from your store manually.
  • Close your blind.
  • Then connect to the interface of each application if an external connection is possible and check if your account has been canceled or that your subscription is suspended.

If you use an application external to the Shopify app store, you will certainly have to go through the application site to cancel the subscription! Otherwise, simply deleting should suspend the subscription. If your store is valuable, remember that you can sell your Shopify store.

Never forget, we all had failures, you have to learn something from it and experience. We all failed at the start, it is very rare to succeed at the start even when you are very well trained (because yes, I myself had coaches and training, I was told “don’t do this” and I did it! We are incorrigible ..). You have to succeed in “feeling the business”, understanding your mistakes to succeed in starting a real business. Believe in yourself, not giving up is already a step towards success.

Final Words

I hope for your success and learn from the mistakes which you have done in the past. Feel free to ask any questions related to Shopify & we are here to help you. If you think you have launched the store mistakenly and want to delete it then proceed with the steps provided above. Stay tuned to Tech 170 for more awesome & trending guides.

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