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How To Permanently Delete Instagram Account or Deactivate it {Guide}



How to delete Instagram account: The studies undergone recently prescribed stating that “the one and only image sharing platform on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and much more & very much dangerous for all the youngsters”. Keeping that point into consideration, most of the parents trying to keep away such things. But still, there are tons of people accessing these platforms very well.

One of the sites like Instagram is very much famous today and keep on providing an option called photo streaming designed enough to engage all the people to stick to it for a long time. Recently, they might introduce a time limit tool which is an advantage and better as per security issues. But still, being away from all the image-sharing platforms is good for all the youngsters these days.

delete instagram account

Whatever the reason might be. Either any personal issue or other. Deleting one particular account is not a big deal. It is all a simple process enclosed with it. Let us look forward to all the steps provided here either to deactivate or delete Instagram account easily.

How to Delete Instagram Account: An Ultimate Guide

This might be done in two different ways. Either one can simply disable the account by deactivating a certain period. Or deleting the account permanently is considered as another possible way.

  • Steps to Deactivate Instagram account
  • The process to delete an Instagram account permanently
  • Steps to delete Instagram account on iPhone
  • how to access or review the data on Instagram.

Let us move a step forward to learn the steps involved in each method with no second thought.

Steps to Deactivate Instagram Account

Below are a few instructions to be carried out. Follow and implement accordingly in order to disable all your accounts right away.

  • In the first step, log in to the account either on a web browser available on the desktop or on mobile. But remember one specific point as no user can disable their account through the Instagram app respectively.


  • Navigate to your particular profile available in the top right corner of the screen. Choose the edit profile.
  • Now, scroll down and then click on temporarily disable accounts available in the form of options.


  • Do select the option available in the drop-down menu next to the question why are you disabling your account? Reenter the password. As such the account can be disabled only when you provide the specific reason for the available portion.


  • One has to remember their credentials to log in and get successfully disable the particular account. If you do not prefer to disable and like to change privacy settings, set the posts to private mode right away or block the unwanted people immediately for security reasons.
  • The process is similar to how to delete an Instagram account from the app too. The only part is processed through the Android mobile.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Till now we have seen how to disable one particular account on a temporary basis. Now follow the instructions provided below and implement accordingly. Also, when you delete one particular account, photos, comments, likes, everything goes permanently deleted.

Once the account is deleted, it cannot signup again using the same login credentials respectively. One cannot reactivate too.  In order to delete the account permanently, here are the steps.

  • In the first step, go to the delete your account page. If you are logged in already can proceed further. Otherwise, it asks us to login first.


  • Now do select the options available besides the query why are you deleting your account? So that, simply re-enter the password without any fail. The option called permanently delete your Instagram account appears only after specifying the exact reason behind account deletion.


  • After specifying the reason, re-enter the password. Now it is time to click on the option called permanently delete my account.


  • That’s all!!! As simple as that. The process is similar to how to delete an Instagram account from the app too. The only part is processed through the Android mobile.

How to Delete Instagram Account from iPhone

Well, are you an iPhone user? Like to look forward to how to delete the Instagram account on iPhone? Here are the instructions provided in a clear and understandable format.


  • Firstly, open Instagram-> click on the profile icon appearing on the page-> Settings and then choose the help center accordingly.
  • Go to the option called basics and then get started.
  • Pick the option called “delete your account” available in the form of options.
  • Enter the required information, choose a specific reason, and then click on permanently delete my account without stepping back.

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How to Access or Review the Data on Instagram

Till now we have seen the deletion part. Now before deleting one particular account or disabling temporarily, it is necessary to have a review of all the data posted on Instagram or take a copy of it right away by following the below instructions.

Reviewing your data on Instagram

  • Go to the profile and click on Settings-> privacy and Security-> scroll down to the account data and click on “view data“.
  • In order to review the complete data click on view all.


Reviewing your data on Instagram for Android and iOS

  • Go to your profile and click on Menu-> Settings available in the form of the option.
  • Click on privacy and Security-> access data accordingly.
  • In order to view specific data, simply click on “view all“.
  • That’s all! As simple as that.

How to Download A Copy of Complete Data on Instagram

Before going to delete an Instagram account permanently, multiple users look after making a copy of the whole data without stepping back. Here are the few points to be taken into consideration.

  • Go to the Settings-> privacy and security and then scroll down to the data download option and then click on the request download option accordingly.
  • Enter the email address to collect all the data and provide the password as an input.
  • You will receive a link soon and click on it for downloading complete data. As a result, follow all the instructions in order to finish the complete thing without any fail.

The process is similar for both Android and iOS too.

Final Words

According to my thoughts, the information provided here is very clear on “how to delete Instagram account”. If you have any doubts or like to get more details about the process involved in it, we are here to help you. Thank you. Feel free to share the article with friends and families at any social networking site. Keep in touch with Tech 170 for more interesting tutorials and useful tricks.

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