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4 Ways to Connect Your Soundbar to Your TV {Guide and useful tips}



How to Connect a Soundbar to TV? This is the question you are probably asking yourself if you came in to read this article. Do not worry, it is a doubt that many users have when purchasing a soundbar for the first time. It is normal. These devices are somewhat recently released and there is still not much information about them and regarding their installation.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the different ways in which you can connect the soundbar to the TV, through an HDMI cable, optical cable, or using Bluetooth, and also the way in which you can manage these connections.

connect a soundbar to tv

Before you start, it is important that you decide one thing: what will you use as a Hub? The Hub is the device that you will use as a centerpiece to connect all the others. Normally, the hub will be your Smart TV and you will connect your soundbar to your TV via cable or in a wireless way. However, you can also use your Blu-ray device or a video game console as a hub for example. Let’s see all the possibilities that each option offers you.

How To Connect a Soundbar to TV using your Smart TV as a Hub

It is for many the most viable and simple options. Thanks to the fact that most current televisions have one or more HDMI ports, at least one optical input. The latest Smart TVs as a Bluetooth connection also. In addition, now almost all soundbars have all kinds of connections, so you can use the one you like best and start listening to the sound of your Smart TV with your new soundbar in no time.

Connect the Soundbar to the TV with Optical Cable

A fiber optic cable is an option that has existed since the 90s, making it the simple option if the TV or your soundbar does not have HDMI ports of any kind. Normally, the cheapest soundbars do not have HDMI given their low price, making it the most widely used and used option.

Using this optical connection to connect your soundbar to your Smart TV, you can transmit multichannel audio in Dolby, DTS, and PCM format. So the sound quality will be quite good, although it will not reach the quality that a type HDMI cable ARC can provide you.

How to connect a soundbar to your TV

The installation is basically the same as that of HDMI, look for the ports of your TV and your new soundbar and connect them. So that the audio output is digital optical. Then, all you have to do is decrease the volume of your soundbar and select the optic from the remote control as the audio output. Once this is done, you will see that the sound begins to flow through the bar automatically.

Best of all, most of today’s soundbars include this cable for free when you buy them, so you can enjoy them from the first moment by connecting them in less than 1 minute.

Something to keep in mind is that the fiber optic cable is considerably fragile, so you must be careful not to bend it too much, it can be easily damaged.

Connect a Soundbar to the TV via HDMI

This is the best option, as most modern TVs or Smart TVs, if not all, have HDMI ports. To do this, your soundbar must have an HDMI ARC or HDMI 1.4 port. Thanks to this you will have at your disposal the possibility of transmitting a multichannel audio signal in Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, and DTS HD format.

how to connect soundbar to tv with hdmi

You just have to connect your TV to the soundbar through the HDMI ARC or HDMI ports in its absence. Then make sure both devices are configured so that the audio source they use is ARC or HDMI. Basically, you have to remove the sound from your Smart TV, enter the audio output menu, and select the HDMI option as output.

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Connect Your Soundbar via Bluetooth to your Smart TV

This option is great if you’re one of the people who doesn’t like cables. Unfortunately, it is only really viable when the TV and soundbar are a bit closer and in its Bluetooth range. Also, it doesn’t support Dolby or DTS, so it doesn’t play multi-channel audio. Using it to play music from mobile devices would be best.

how to connect soundbar via bluetooth to your smart tv

To connect your soundbar to your television, simply turn on the Bluetooth of your soundbar and enter the audio output menu of your Smart TV to select Bluetooth as the output channel. Once this is done, your Smart TV will find the bar and connect automatically.

If you want to connect your smartphone to play music through your soundbar, you just have to activate the Bluetooth of the mobile device and select the Bluetooth input in the bar.

How to Connect a Soundbar to TV using your Soundbar as a Hub

If your TV is wall-mounted, which leaves the connection ports of devices almost inaccessible, using the soundbar as a hub is a good idea. Since you would only have to deal with a cable to connect a soundbar to TV, and this would be connected to the other artifacts.

how to connect soundbar to your tv using soundbar as a hub

The reason that this idea is not one of the most popular, is that the HDMI slots with Pass Through option, which usually come by default in most televisions are only available in the best soundbars on the market. This makes the number of models with which it is possible to do this somewhat limited.

Therefore, we recommend that you connect your soundbar with the previous methods that are simpler and more practical, in addition to the fact that the audio quality is the same.


Hence, we hope everything was clear and understandable about how to connect a Soundbar to TV. We have explained the best methods to Connect a Soundbar to TV easily. Just follow according to the steps provided. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Share the article with friends and family on social networking sites and let them also know how to do it. Stay tuned to Tech 170 for more awesome tutorials and guides.

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How to Create your Own Image/Photo as WhatsApp Stickers




Whatsapp Stickers: Messaging platforms are introducing new ways by which you can interact with another person and express your feelings in a better way. We have seen how GIFs and Emojis have changed the way we chat these days. Recently, WhatsApp which is a very popular application for chatting has introduced stickers. These stickers will let you justify your emotions or feelings to the people in your contact list in a better way. There are many Stickers available on the WhatsApp application for Android and iOS devices.

You can choose from this huge library of Stickers and send them to your loved ones. If you are still not getting any option to send these stickers on your application then you might be running an older version of Whatsapp. You can update the application through the Google play store or Apple App store. You will love the stickers if you use emojis or GIFs a lot of times during conversations. The drawback of these stickers is that they are limited. There is still a way by which you can create your own image as a sticker and send it in your conversations.

How to Create your Own Image/Photo as WhatsApp Stickers

Well, if you were looking for the method to create your own images and use it as a sticker in WhatsApp conversations then you are at the right place. Today, we will be discussing how you can create your image as a WhatsApp sticker. Let us quickly get started to know the tutorial for making WhatsApp stickers with your own images.

WhatsApp Stickers | How to Create Your Own Image as a Sticker

With many new third-party apps developed for more customization options, now you can create your own stickers. Put your photos, make additions to them by using filters, background changes, apply shapes, etc. Before we actually get to the tutorial of creating your own image as a sticker, let us know what exactly are the WhatsApp stickers.

Introduction to WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp stickers are now a new way by which you can interact with your friends or relatives. This feature got released in the recent update of WhatsApp. You can find thousands of stickers in the WhatsApp application. Also, You might already have seen these stickers on other messaging or social media platforms such as Hike or Facebook, so it is definitely not an innovation.

You will find different types of WhatsApp stickers with different types of emotions. Each of them has a specialty in itself. The only limitation with the WhatsApp stickers is that you cannot use your own stickers within the WhatsApp application. There is still a method by which you can create your own stickers and use them in the conversations which we are going to show you here.

Before directly heading towards the method, let us first have a look at the requirements that you will need in order to create your own WhatsApp stickers.

Requirements for Creating WhatsApp Stickers

To create your own WhatsApp stickers, all you need is an Android device. It can be an Android device that can run the WhatsApp application smoothly. Sadly, you can create your images as WhatsApp stickers only on an Android device. You will not be able to use this method on iOS devices.

So, make sure that you have an Android device that is capable of running basic applications like WhatsApp. Once, you have got an Android device then it is the right time to move to the complete method by which you can create your own WhatsApp stickers.

Steps to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

All the steps that you will be needed to follow in order to create your own WhatsApp stickers are mentioned below.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for  “Sticker Maker for WhatsApp”. Tap on the “Install” button to get this app on your device. Yes, you will have to download a third-party application to do this.

how to make your own whatsapp stickers

  • Wait for the application to install on your device. Once installed successfully, tap on “Open” to launch the application on your smartphone.
  • You will find a few options in the user interface of the application. You will have to tap on the “Create a new sticker pack”. Now, it will give you a few options by which you can create your own WhatsApp stickers.

how to create whatsapp stickers

  • Firstly, it will ask you the sticker pack’s name and author’s name. Enter these details and move to the next step.

how to create stickers on whatsapp

  • Here, you will find the New list option. Once you click on the option, a pop-up page will be opened with an empty sticker tray.
  • In this empty tray, you will have to add the icon of the sticker pack. After applying the icon, it will ask you to select a photo from your gallery.

how to make a sticker pack

  • All you need to do is select the photo and it will redirect you to an image editor. In the editor, you have to remove the background of your photo. You can easily remove the background by selecting it using your fingertips.
  • After you create a proper sticker pack, click on the Publish button that says “Add to WhatsApp” to publish it on WhatsApp. You can now use these stickers in the WhatsApp application flawlessly after publishing them.

So, this is how we can create WhatsApp stickers of your own and as you want. You can follow the same steps to create more stickers from your image and add them to the sticker pack. You have successfully created your own WhatsApp stickers and you can use them on the WhatsApp application as stickers by following the steps mentioned above.

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Final Words

That was the complete tutorial by which you can create your own WhatsApp stickers and use them in between the conversations with your loved ones. We hope that you liked the tutorial. If you have any kind of doubts, queries, or suggestions related to this article then make sure to put them in the comment section below. We would love to answer you back. For more useful guides and tutorials, visit the Tech 170 website.

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How To Uninstall Ubuntu From Windows Dual Boot Safely {Best Methods}



Here is how to uninstall Ubuntu from Windows Dual Boot safely. You can uninstall Ubuntu from your Windows PC without causing any harm to your device settings or personal data. Learn how in this post.

Many PC users install Ubuntu and Windows on their devices for simultaneous use of two operating systems. You can migrate to either operating system and work on your desired OS according to your need. But, what if you don’t need Linux anymore or having some issues which is the reason why you want to get rid of it.

How To Uninstall Ubuntu From Windows Dual Boot

Whatsoever, there is no direct uninstall option for Linux operating systems. Therefore, you have to remove the partitions to get rid of them. Here, we will show you the complete procedure for uninstalling Ubuntu safely.

How To Uninstall Ubuntu From Windows Dual Boot Safely

To start with the uninstallation process here is the complete detail about Dual booting and how to uninstall the dual boot operating systems safely from the device. When you want to remove Linux operating system such as Ubuntu from your device, then you don’t have a straight path.

The process for uninstallation depends on how you installed Ubuntu on your device. For example, if you installed Linux as your only Operating system, then to uninstall it, you have to install the other Operating System say Windows to terminate it.

If Installed Linux Without Dual Booting

If you installed the Ubuntu or other Linux operating system with Wubi, then the process to uninstall is given here.

  • Open Windows and go to the Start button.
  • Select the “Control Panel” option to open it.
  • Now, click on the “Programs and Features” section.
  • Find “Ubuntu” from the list of installed programs.
  • Once you find it, right-click on the program.
  • Finally, click on “Uninstall“.

how to remove ubuntu from dual boot

The Linux Ubuntu will be uninstalled from your computer. Not necessary, but still restart your computer once after the uninstallation. This will refresh your operating system and can fix any internal issues if there are any.

If Installed Linux With Dual Booting

If you installed the Ubuntu or other Linux operating system with a dual-booting configuration, the method is quite different for uninstalling it. There have to be two important sets of steps completed to uninstall Ubuntu dual boot. Firstly, you have to remove the partitions and in the second part, you have to boot the Windows loader manually.

Here is how to uninstall Ubuntu from Windows dual boot safely. For detailed steps, take a look at the guide given below.

Step One: Delete The Linux Partitions

The first half part for the uninstallation to be successfully done is to delete the Linux partitions. Follow the given steps below to delete Linux’s partitions.

  • On your Windows desktop, press the Windows key.
  • Type “diskmgmt.msc” in the Start menu box and press Enter.

how to uninstall ubuntu dual boot

  • You will be directed to the Disk Management page.
  • Find all the Linux files to delete the partitions.
  • You can identify the Linux files easily.

uninstall ubuntu dual boot

  • Those with no label under the “File System” column are Linux files.
  • While those with the “NTFS” label under the “File System” column are Windows files.
  • Right-click on each Ubuntu file, and click on “Delete Volume”.
  • Once you delete all the partitions, right-click on the Windows partition.
  • Now, select the “Expand Volume” option.

how to remove dual boot ubuntu

  • This will add the free space to your Windows OS files.

This is how to remove Ubuntu from the dual boot. Once you complete the first step, go for the second one.

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Step Two: Fix Windows Boot Loader

Now the Linux OS will be removed from your computer, but its loader will be still present there. You have to overwrite the Linux boot loader with the Windows boot loader to make the Linux files disappear totally.

For this, you will need a Windows Installer disc. If you don’t have an installer disc on your computer, you can easily create one. However, get an installer disc and start the procedure given below. This method works for Windows 8 and Windows 10. For Windows 7, you might have to follow different procedures.

  • Insert the Windows Installer disc on your PC.
  • Now, restart your computer and let the booting be done along with the disc.
  • Once the system reboots, select language on the screen.
  • Also, perform other given instructions.

how to uninstall ubuntu fix boot loader

  •  Once you get on the main installation screen, click on “Repair your computer”.
  • A new window will appear on the screen with “Choose an option”.

how to uninstall ubuntu from windows dual boot

  • Next, click on the “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Then, select the “Command Prompt” icon from the screen.

delete ubuntu from windows dual boot

  • On your command prompt, enter “bootrec.exe /fixmbr” and press Enter.

ubuntu removed successfully

  • When you get the message “The operation completed successfully”, restart your PC.

That’s it. This was the method for how to uninstall Ubuntu from Windows dual boot safely. This method will safely delete Linux Ubuntu from your computer without affecting your files or the Windows operating system.

What Is Dual Booting

Dual-booting refers to the installation of two operating systems on one computer with partitions made on hard drive space. You can switch the operating system whenever you want. Many people add Linux and Windows with the help of a dual-booting process and use them as separate according to their needs.

In general, most people use dual-booting for Windows and Linux. Windows for home use and Linux for office use. Something like that.

Not only two operating systems, but you can also add more than two. With a custom boot loader on your computer, you can also install three operating systems on your PC. The process of having more than two operating systems is known as Multi booting.


We hope this article helped you to know how to uninstall Ubuntu from Windows dual boot safely without harming your Windows operating system or the personal data files. The above methods will safely uninstall the Linux app from your PC easily. If you have any other effective ways on how to remove dual boot Ubuntu, then you can tell us in the comments section. For more related articles, visit our website Tech 170.

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How To Play MOV Files On Windows 10 (3 Methods That Work)




If you are looking for an easy and effective method for how to play MOV files on Windows 10, then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss some easy and quick ways to get your MOV video files to run on your computer.

The MOV video files that are basically generated from iPhones, iPads, and Mac OS devices are not supported to play on all computers. This is due to the lack of features and incompatibility issues on our devices. However, there are still some useful methods that can help us to access MOV files.

how to play .mov files on windows 10

Here, we will show you the best three methods that will allow you to play the MOV files on your Windows computer without any worries.

How To Play MOV Files On Windows 10

Generally, changing the file format into a supported format is the best option and is also quick to solve your issues. But, not everyone has that much patience to change the video file format or extension. Everyone needs a quick and easy solution nowadays.

You can still access MOV videos on your computer without changing the format. For that, you will need a right and supported video player to watch the MOV files on your computer. How? Read to know the full details.

What Is MOV Video File

All the video and audio files that are recorded, saved or downloaded on iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices are stored in the form of a MOV file. These videos get the .mov extension by default. And, the problem with these extension files is the MOV videos can’t be played on every computer.

Only some Windows computers support the MOV files to be played on their platform. However, there are some hacks for how to play MOV files on Windows.

Methods For How To Play .MOV Files On Windows 10

If you are unable to access the MOV video files on your Windows computer, then there are some in-built system methods and also some workarounds that can help you to play these .MOV files on your computer. Follow the methods that we have listed here in a step-by-step format.

Play MOV Files on Windows 10 Using QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is our first recommendation for playing MOV video files on your computer. QuickTime Player is a standard video player for iOS and Mac devices. If you are worried about how to play .MOV files on Windows 10, then the most effective and long-lasting solution is to use the QuickTime Player app.

Here is how to play .MOV files on Windows 10 using QuickTime Player.

how to play mov files on windows 10 using quicktime player

  • Go to the drive or location on the computer where you have the MOV file.
  • Now, make a right-click on the video you want to open.
  • Select “Open with” and click on the “QuickTime Player” option.
  • That’s it. Your video will be opened.

However, if you don’t want to install an application from outside, you can make use of the built-in programs and features on your computer.

Play MOV Files on Windows Using Windows Media Player

The default media player supports you to play MOV files on Windows 10. So, it is an easy option to use when you can’t open a MOV file on your computer. The requirement for your Windows Media Player is it should be version 12.0 or higher to play MOV files.

play mov files on windows 10

Here is how to play .MOV files on Windows 10 using Windows Media Player.

  • Firstly, make sure that you are using the supported media player version.
  • To check it, press the “Alt” key.
  • Click on the “Help” button and select “About Windows Media Player”.
  • Check the version of the program that you are using.
  • If your Windows Media Player version is below 12.0, then quickly install it.
  • To play the MOV video or audio file, right-click on the video.
  • Select “Open with Windows Media Player” to open the file.

If Windows Media Player doesn’t seem to work for opening the MOV file, then switch to the VLC Media Player.

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Play MOV Files on Windows 10 With VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is a savior for iOS users. Almost every video file on your computer can be played when you choose the “Play with VLC Media Player” option. In a similar way, you can also play the MOV video files on Windows 10 via VLC media player.

Here is how to play .MOV files on Windows 10 using the VLC media player program.

  • Right-click on the MOV file that you want to play on your PC, and hover on “Play with..”.
  • Now, select “VLC Media Player” and watch the video easily.

how to play mov files on windows

  • But, if you don’t have VLC Media Player on your Windows 10, then install it.
  • Once you install it on your computer, open the VLC media player and go to the “Media” bar.
  • Click on “Open File” and select the MOV file that you want to watch on the computer.

If none of the above three methods helped you to solve the MOV file issue, then try this last one. Just change your video file into a supported format such as MP4 by changing the extension. Then try playing the video on your computer. We hope at least this method works for you.


We hope you got an easy method for playing MOV video files on your Windows 10 computer. Try the Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, and also the QuickTime Player app to play the files. Most of the time these methods work for sure. But, if unfortunately, you still can’t play the video, we recommend changing the video file into a supported file format. For more related articles, visit our website Tech 170.

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