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How to | Login Username & Password {Full Guide}


on is basically the common IP address of a router. The majority of the Wi-Fi routers use this as their default IP address. This IP address is used for accessing the admin panel and for making changes in the web interface off the Wi-Fi router.

Although most of the Wi-Fi routers also use the default website for their settings page, so that they can enter them instead of this IP address to get to the web interface. But, in cases when you are unable to access the admin panel with the website, then you can use this IP address. Login Username & Password

In this article we will talk in detail about the login, as I am using a TP-Link Wi-Fi router it is also having the same IP address for login into the admin panel. Go through the process that we have given below in easy steps.

Admin Panel of Wi-Fi Routers

Most of the WI-FI router manufacturers use as their default IP address for accessing the admin panel. Admin panel is basically the settings page of the Wi-Fi adaptor from where you can configure its settings according to your broadband connection. You can configure the WAN IP address and other details in order to access the internet connection on your devices.

This default IP address is also given the ability to provide security to your Wi-Fi network, as you can change the security details anytime by using this IP address. In any case, this default IP address is not giving you access to the admin panel of your Wi-Fi router, then you can always check at the bottom of your Wi-Fi router for the default IP address.

Guide to Login into IP Address

Use the following guide to login into the IP address to access the admin panel of your Wi-Fi Router. Read the instructions carefully before using this on your device. Don’t make any necessary changes unless you don’t know about any particular content inside it.

  • First, you need to open an internet browser in any of your devices connected to your Wi-Fi router network. Note that even if your router is not configured according to your broadband connection, you can still access the default IP address if you connect the device with your router.
  • Now on the address bar of the internet browser, enter the following IP address “” and press enter.
  • In a moment it will load a login page of the Wi-fi router admin panel. login

  • Now you need to enter the correct credentials accessing the admin panel of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Enter “Admin” in both username and password and click on the login button. In case if you are getting an incorrect username and password error while logging into your Wi-Fi router admin panel, then you should check at the bottom of your Wi-Fi router to get the correct credentials. Different Wi-Fi routers are having different credentials accessing the admin panel, you can even get the default credentials from the official website of the manufacturer of the Wi-fI router you are using.
  • If you want to change the username and password before, then you need to reset the Wi-Fi router manually.
  • After you enter the correct credentials, you can access the admin panel of the WI-FI router. Configure the Wi-Fi router by using the quick setup option from the left side menu. set up

  • You can even add or change the security details by going to the security option from the menu of the WI-FI router admin panel. login username password

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Guide to Reset your Wi-Fi Router

You need to reset your Wi-Fi router in case if you have forgotten or changed your login credentials for the admin panel of your Wi-Fi router. Even you need to reset your device in case your Wi-Fi router is facing some issues while connecting to your broadband connection. reset router

You need to reset the Wi-Fi router manually, to do so you need to press and hold the reset button which you can find next to the LAN ports until the Wi-Fi router restarts. After the reset is completed you can use the default login credentials to use the Admin Panel of the Wi-Fi router.


We have informed you about the usage of the IP address and provided the guidelines for usage in this article for you. As most of the WI-FI router uses IP address as a default settings page, you can use it to make necessary changes in your internet connection. We have provided the complete guide to access the default IP address of your Wi-Fi router in this article.

Read the complete article before accessing the default settings page on your device. Share this informative article with other Wi-Fi router users, so that they can also make necessary changes to their Wi-Fi router settings and even configure them. For more useful guides from us, visit the Tech 170 website.

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